Are you interested in learning orthodontics and integrating it into your general practice?

Perhaps you’ve taken courses in the past that left you with more questions than answers, or maybe you’re brand new and wondering if it’s possible to learn this profitable, in-demand skill without months or years of post-grad training?

At the OrthoED Institute, we’ve helped hundreds of general dentists learn how to provide high-quality orthodontic treatments with predictable, profitable and positive outcomes every time.

In as little as days, students can develop the confidence and practical skills to start offering exceptional standards of Orthodontic treatments, regardless of previous experience.

OrthoED – Full Mini Masters 2021

$24,300.00 Price inc GST: $26,730.00

OrthoED – Full Mini Masters 2021 (Payment Plan)

$1,088.00 Price inc GST: $1,196.80 / month for 24 months

The Intensive Mini Masters 2021 – Brisbane (Payment Plan)

$1,088.00 Price inc GST: $1,196.80 / month for 24 months

The Intensive Mini Masters 2021 – Brisbane

$24,300.00 Price inc GST: $26,730.00

Online Aligner Therapy (Module 4)

$1,400.00 Price inc GST: $1,540.00 for 3 months

Early Treatment (Module 3)

$3,300.00 Price inc GST: $3,630.00


How will this training benefit you?

Position your practice ahead of the competition with high-quality orthodontic services that other general dentists can’t offer.

Bring passion and excitement back into your career with a brand new skill that’s fun to learn and gratifying to perform.

Provide more valuable services to your patients with a brand new skill set that you can learn in as little as days.

Boost your reputation and word of mouth referrals with incredible results that your patients can’t wait to tell friends and family about.

Reduce outbound referrals to other experts with the ability to perform this profitable treatment in your own practice.

Boost your production and bottom line with an efficient, predictable and high-quality approach that patients will be delighted with and happy to pay a premium for.

All of this is finally possible with OrthoED, the world-leading Orthodontic training institute right here in Australia.

“The best institute for any general dentist looking to increase their orthodontic skills and knowledge…”

Becky Chen

Ballarat, VIC

“Since I started OrthoED I’ve commenced 50 cases, a production of $350,000 …”

Dr George Gibson

Traralgon, VIC

Why choose OrthoED?

At our institute, it is our primary goal to provide proven expertise, predictable outcomes, and professional advancement for every single student who enrolls in any of our live training events or online courses.

“OrthoED has really changed the way I practice dentistry and has added at least $150.000 in extra production to my practice.”

- Fady Ayoub, NSW

Led by myth-busting orthodontist, Dr Geoff Hall, a pioneer in modern-day orthodontics and education who personally has treated over 10,000 cases over the past 30 years. Through the training of the OrthoED institute, you will embark on a profitable and satisfying journey into the world of successful Orthodontics.

“Geoff breaks it down and makes it simple for general dentists to understand the concepts of orthodontics and attract more patients…”

Monita Nayak

Carnegie, VIC

“If Geoff says something will work, it will work…”

Virginia Williams

Ballarat, VIC

“Geoff’s lecturing style keeps things entertaining and provides great clinical tips from his years of experience.”

- Matt Burke, VIC

Pick a learning path that’s right for you

  • Live training

Our live training events are your opportunity to immerse yourself into a truly engaging, fun and supportive learning environment that’s truly unrivaled in the dental industry today.

We currently offer a variety of live training programs.

  • Mini-Masters - enroll in the full Mini-Masters and be eligible for obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in orthodontics
  • Aligners - learn this profitable skill in a rapidly growing industry
  • Fixed Orthodontics and aligners - cutting edge approaches to what is considered as traditional treatment-- As a great start to your orthodontic education enrol in the “OrthoED Essential Ortho as a bundle of 5 modules “ and later if you wish to upskill further you have the option of the OrthoED Advanced Ortho bundle of a further 4 modules
  • SmileFast - learn essential cosmetic orthodontics in just 2 days
  • Mini Masters Intensive - Combine 2 modules at a time and minimise the time out of your practice
  • Aligner case support (CAPS)

Deliver Clear Aligner Therapy more confidently, profitably and efficiently than ever before and obtain better results for your patients, with our clear aligner planning service.

CAPS which is exclusive to the OrthoED Institute and 100% free for Invisalign, Angelalign cases and/or Smilestyler cases .*

“I’ve done lots of post grad courses over 38 years of clinical practice. The OrthoED course is a level above most of the courses I’ve ever done.”

- Dr Jim Rushton, TAS

*Conditions apply Please contact OrthoED to see if you qualify

What to do next...

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You’ll discover example cases, efficient and predictable orthodontic mechanics, process flows from new patient to bracket removal to retention, new client process flows, clinical and administrative systems to save time and money, different treatment systems, staff training and efficient delegation and next steps for getting started.

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“Surpassed my expectations and empowered me with the knowledge I needed to provide the standard of care I want for my patients.”Conor Flanagan

Ready to join hundreds of aspiring dentists who are learning orthodontics the easy and correct way?

Take action today and immerse yourself in a profitable, rewarding and exciting new world of orthodontics with unrivaled support, expert tuition, world-class training, groundbreaking techniques and cutting edge technology to help you achieve predictable and high quality outcomes for your patients, every time.

“I'm able to treat my patients in a more comprehensive way, and do things I never thought I’d be able to do…”

Dina Katrivesis

Doncaster East, VIC

“No course matches the level given by Dr Geoff Hall and Robyn. Comprehensive course and level of support is second to none.”

John Pohl

Toorak, VIC

Download our free guide, “7 Steps To Implementing Ortho In Your Practice”

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