Orthodontic Myths

7 Orthodontic Myths you Probably Believe

Date: Tuesday the 18th of February 2020, 7pm - Melbourne time

Our whole general dental education has demonstrated that there are many myths – in orthodontics is no exception. It's important to break down these myths, and delve deeper into the real truth.

In this webinar we shall present 7 orthodontic myths and scrutinize them                  

  • The use of a Hawley retainer as good retention appliance
  • The use of variable torque brackets
  • What arch form do we use???
  • The myths around bracket selection –self ligation ,size and slot
  • Do wisdom teeth cause further crowding ?
  • Do All Class 3 malocclusions require surgery?
  • You need to be a great wire bender to be a good orthodontist 

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