Advanced Aligners 2 Day Program

Now you can take on advanced aligner cases and complete them confidently and profitably - without being forced to refer to specialists or come under fire

If you’ve been providing patients with aligner therapy and you’d like to take on more complex, challenging cases without having to refer to specialists and risk a backlash, then this 2 day advanced aligner program will show you how.

2 day course curriculum

Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Martin Poon - Advanced Aligners (Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and advanced optimisation of your digital setup , Hybrid Systems)

  • Learn how to prevent costly side effects from aligner cases
  • Discover the most efficient way to treat complex cases
  • Gain confidence to take on cases and increase revenue
  • Reduce outbound referrals to specialists (and avoid scrutiny)
  • Understand when, why and how to combine fixed appliances with clear aligners
  • Learn how to manage difficult tooth movements using auxiliary tools and advanced biomechanics
  • Learn how to handle early treatment cases for children and teens; a rapidly growing market
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of DIY aligner treatments to advise and educate patients accordingly
  • Develop stronger treatment planning and problem solving skills through group discussions and live cases
  • Present your own live aligner cases for hands-on support and advice on diagnosis and treatment planning options.

Angus Pryor - How to book more aligner cases

Attracting new aligner cases can be difficult without a proven plan in place. Dental marketing expert Angus Pryor will show you the tried and tested, simple and highly specific steps you can take to fill your calendar with aligner cases, starting immediately. Angus is Australia’s no.1 Google-ranked dental marketer, who teaches dentists exactly how to market and sell aligner cases to new and existing patients in the easiest, quickest and most profitable way possible in 2022/2023.

In this hands-on session, you’ll discover:

  • The two simple questions you can use in seconds with every patient that will provide an immediate boost to your aligner cases
  • The mistake that dentists make every day in their efforts to attract more aligner cases … and what to do about it
  • The simple process to attract ideal aligner clients to your practice like bees to honey
  • The game-changing tool you simply must use (but need to start collecting) to switch on the light for patients that have been left in the dark about aligners
  • 3 simple tactics you can use in-house to have your existing patients asking you about aligners, without you having to say a word

Dr Adriana Garro - “What 300,000 aligner treatment plans has taught me and can teach you too!”

With more than 20 years of experience in Clinical Orthodontics, Dr Adriana is the Director of Clinical Services of Clear TPS and practising orthodontist with some tales to tell!

She has dedicated her career to the Orthodontic profession specializing in Clear Aligner treatment and joined Clear TPS in 2012, now leading a Team of Clinical Experts and has overseen the management of over 300,000 clear aligner treatment plans!

Now she’s ready to share her biggest lessons learned in the field of clear aligners and help you avoid costly mistakes from day one.

Dr Garro will be presenting a 4 hour training program that covers the following topics:

  • Common mistakes seen by aligner company setups - What to look out for and why!
  • The most efficient preferences and protocols for aligner setups based on hundreds of thousand cases
  • An unbiased view of the different aligner systems
  • And plenty more!
Female doctor holding a transparent dental aligner
Dr Rohit C. Sachdeva

Dr Rohit C. Sachdeva - "WZDM: A blended approach to Hyperpersonalised Orthodontic Patient Care

Dr. Rohit C. Sachdeva currently is the Principal of Sachdeva Orthodontic Coaching and Consulting Services. He is the co-founder of Orametrix Inc. and until recently was its chief clinical officer. Prior to this engagement, he was a professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Baylor College of Dentistry. Texas A and M University.

"The purpose of my presentation is to discuss WZDM©. It is a person centered Orthodontic care philosophy and technology, developed by the author that blends the best of both fixed appliances and aligners to provide hyper-personalized patient care with predictable treatment outcomes. A digital plan is appropriately sequenced and staged which in turn drives the design and selection of the appropriate appliances to provide safe, effective, efficient, and timely care for patients.

My presentation will consist of two parts. In the first part, I will use patient histories and apply the ‘swiss-cheese” model approach to perform a root cause analysis on
the why, where and when orthodontic treatment fails.

In the second part of my presentation, I will provide a live interactive and immersive demonstration of the WZDM© approach to managing patient care."

When: Thursday Oct 24 - Friday Oct 25, 2024

Where: Brisbane

Please note:

. this course will be face to face - but is also available as a live streamed event

. the Advanced Aligner Course can only be completed once you have completed the Aligner Essentials Course

Why take this course?

  • Enhance your aligner skills
  • Increase the number of eligible aligner patients within your practice
  • Be able to tackle even the most difficult cases with predictability
  • Learn how to attract more qualified aligner patients into your practice
  • Reduce treatment times by 25%
  • Cut your refinement rate by 50%
  • Maximize the profitability of every aligner case
  • Reduce outbound referrals and potential backlash