3 day clear aligner course

Learn the principles to make your clear aligner cases clinically successful, profitable and with predictable outcomes every time

Now you can provide Clear Aligner treatments confidently, profitably and successfully, even if you have no experience or have struggled with aligner cases in the past.

Clear Aligner Therapy is big business. The Australian market is worth around $46 million and growing. By providing Clear Aligner services, you can:

  • Increase your practice profits.
  • Provide a better service to your patients.
  • Provide improved restorative treatment by incoroprating options to allow for minimally invasive dentistry plans.  
  • Increase your scope of practice
  • Reduce referrals to specialists.
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage.
  • Have happier patients and more referrals.
  • Feel excited about your work again.

The OrthoED Institute teaches you the principles of aligner treatment, allowing you to take on more cases with confidence, no matter how complicated.

Course details

Aligner Essentials





Primary Presenter: Dr Geoff Hall
Guest Presenter: Dr Martin Poon

May 19th- 21st, 2022

3 days

30 CPD points

You’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Orthodontic Diagnosis
  • Fundamentals of Orthodontic treatment planning and developing a problem list with appropriate risk analysis 
  • The orthodontic New Patient examination
  • History of aligner therapy
  • General concept of biomechanics revisited and how does it apply to aligners
  • Difference in biomechanics for aligners compared with braces
  • The different type of attachments and their uses
  • Aligner setups for crowding cases
  • Aligner setups for spacing cases
  • Aligner setups for deep bites and open bites
  • Aligner setups for Class 2 and Class 3 malocclusions
  • Management of Extraction Cases
  • Evaluation  of difficulty of Orthodontic problems using aligners 
  • Realistic outcomes with aligner movements
  • Braces vs Aligners- which cases are better treated with aligners
  • The aligner Hybrid system
  • Fundamental principles of aligner setups, including staging of treatment and Assessment of an aligner setup
  • Clinical and Administrative Treatment flow with aligner therapy
  • Troubleshooting with aligners – Tips, tricks and techniques including overcorrection and overtreatment
  • Accelerated orthodontic techniques –Do They help?
  • A Biased and Unbiased Evaluation of different aligner systems
  • Final summary of principles with aligner Therapy
  • The business side of aligners-How to integrate aligner treatment into practice efficiently and profitably
  • TX planning session

Course outcomes

  • You will understand the different aligner products in the marketplace and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • You will be able to identify realistic goals of aligner therapy, the eligible patients and keys to success with this type of therapy as it applies to various orthodontic problems including, crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, Class 2, Class 3 and extraction cases.
  • You will feel more confident in attempting more challenging cases with aligner therapy.
  • You’ll gain a full understanding of aligner therapy, including its biomechanics, the use of different attachments, tips and tricks, and how to perform aligner treatment with high quality outcomes predictably and profitably in your practice.

Enjoy full case treatment planning with OrthoED’s CAPS service!**

Enrol in the Clear Aligner Therapy 3 day in person course and you’ll also have access to our Complete Aligner Planning Service (CAPS)

Complete Aligner Planning Support (CAPS) is a brand new initiative from the world-leading Orthodontic training institute, OrthoED. CAPS provides you, the dentist, with an unrivalled support system to plan, track and finish more aligner cases with complete confidence, predictable tooth movement and excellent clinical results while reducing the number of patient visits.

This will also allow you to start more challenging cases and still deliver excellent clinical outcomes.

CAPS has partnered with the international Clear TPS team and through this elite group of 20 + years of experience with aligners ,they have planned over 300,000 aligner cases!!

Our CAPS planning service provides the most comprehensive aligner therapy planning,treatment optimisation  and support for dentists across Australia, including:

  • Changes done for you
  • Support for most Aligner systems
  • FREE Invisalign and Angelalign Planning Service**
  • Changes made directly through the Doctor’s Aligner site
  • 30+ Years Experience in Orthodontics
  • Be with the team that has planned over 300,000 aligner cases and has a staggering less than 25 % refinement rate.

The result?

  • Reduced number of aligners and refinements required.
  • Fewer hours spent in the clinic for the dentist and the patient.
  • Less hours of time consuming digital work for the doctor which usually needs to be done after work.
  • The ability to treat more challenging cases, which equates to more aligner cases in your practice and these cases being more successful with better clinical outcomes.
  • More profit per case.

With the CAPS program, 75% of cases are reported as having successful clinical outcomes without a need for refinement after the initial set up, with the correct treatment plan put in place. CAPS cases have less than a 25 % case refinement rate - which is staggering by world aligner standards.

For Invisalign and Angelalign, CAPS treatment planning service may be complimentary**

**Conditions apply. Not available to Corporate groups. Must have a dedicated doctor site. Must agree to come under the umbrella of the OrthoED/CAPS aligner treatment planning service. Complimentary ClinCheck/digital treatment planning available for Invisalign full cases and Invisalign moderate cases and Angelalign comprehensive cases only**

Your investment

In the past, learning Clear Aligner Therapy meant long-winded courses which were usually put on by individual aligner companies that had a vested interest in selling their product.

Many of these courses were on the other side of the world, which meant ... racking up huge bills for hotel rooms and flights while being away from your work and family for significant periods of time.

Not anymore.

OrthoED is offering this popular Clear Aligner Course online, bringing you the most cost-effective opportunity to learn how to provide Clear Aligner Therapy treatment in your practice, confidently, efficiently and predictably.

“The support for this course is way above anything else I've done. Geoff is very generous; he cares what we need to learn and Robyn’s amazing. For anything you need to know, they’ll be right back at you with the answer.”

Keith Doonan

Sunshine Coast, QLD

“No course matches the level given by Dr Geoff Hall and Robyn. Comprehensive course and level of support is second to none.”

John Pohl

Toorak, VIC

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The Added Bonuses:


As an added bonus by attending the online course - you will receive access(for 3 months) to the full recording of the 3 DAY program - So anything you didn't understand or need further clarification about -is just a click away and on hand at any time !!

The Ormco Spark aligner system will be available to general dentists in early 2022(for the last few years it has only been availble to specialist orthodontists ) . The OrthoED Essential aligner program is only one of 2 courses in Australia  that once completed will allow dentists to become Spark accredited users!!!

Have CAPS treatment plan 2 of your aligner cases at a 50% saving - That's a saving of $450 ***

***Valid for 3 months from the date of the course. Only available for Invisalign, Angelalign and Spark Aligner systems. Only available for comprehensive cases

Only availble to new users of CAPS 

Let 2021 and 2022 be the years that you finally learn to deliver successful and profitable Clear Aligner treatments to your practice!

What makes OrthoED’s training the #1 choice for over 800 Aussie dentists?

Proven expertise.

Your tutor, Dr Geoff Hall, is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading orthodontic educators, having now trained over 700 dentists here in Australia. His principle based teaching is built on 30 years experience as an Orthodontist and having completed over 10,000 cases.

Predictable outcomes.

For many, orthodontics can appear complicated and out of reach. Dr Geoff Hall breaks down each module into simple, easy to absorb lessons that are frequently described as fun and engaging, with clear, predictable outcomes.

Professional advancement.

Gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to revitalise your career, grow your practice and bring a new level of enjoyment to your profession.

Whether you’re feeling like Clear Aligner Orthodontics is too difficult, or you’ve struggled to finish cases successfully in the past, we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

At the end of this training, you’ll have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, underlying principles and practical implementation of Clear Aligner treatment...

… empowering you to treat even the most challenging of orthodontic problems with total confidence, successfully completing cases to the highest clinical standard, gaining new referrals, and earning yourself a stellar reputation as the local dentist in the community that patients trust to undertake their aligner therapy .

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