Smilefast Course

Smilefast – the most comprehensive short term cosmetic ortho course  with everything you need to know to transform your practice.

Master the Smilefast technique in Australia’s most comprehensive cosmetic orthodontic course, designed specifically for general dentists by world renowned specialist orthodontist Dr Geoffrey Hall.

  • Smilefast

    If you’d like to deliver affordable, efficient, and high-quality cosmetic treatments for your patients, then our 2-day Smilefast program could be the most rewarding investment you’ll ever make.


Computerised accuracy and perfect bracket placement

You’ll discover why Smilefast’s unparalleled digital approach delivers the fastest, most accurate and predictable treatment. Only Smilefast gives your treatment complete digital precision, from 3D virtual orthodontic diagnosis to computerised indirect bonding for perfect bracket placement. In two days you’ll learn everything you need to grow your practice and get 17 CPD points. Kick start your education with six hours of Smilefast pre-course video training for a further 6 CPD points.

Digital 3D precision, not guesswork

If what you’re doing isn’t orthodontically correct, doesn’t use 3D virtual orthodontic diagnosis, or uses manual indirect bonding to place the brackets, then it’s just guesswork. And that means more work, less profit, more risk and very unhappy patients. Make no mistake, doing cosmetic ortho properly is rewarding for patients and your practice, but problems await those doctors who don’t fully understand why and how cosmetic ortho works and think they can take short cuts.

Protect your reputation and ensure happy patients

Only with Smilefast will you get the depth of training, the certainty and accuracy of digital treatment, plus local orthodontic level support. You’ll gain the confidence you need to take on cosmetic ortho cases and deliver truly efficient, precise, fast and predictable tooth movement. All that adds up to the best possible treatment outcomes for your patients.

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