1-day Advanced Orthodontic Course: Early Treatment, Sleep Apnoea and the benefits of Glass Ionomer cements in Orthodontics

Start delivering more effective orthodontic treatment confidently and successfully through real-world case discussions and tips.


1-day Advanced Orthodontic Course:

Early Treatment, Sleep Apnoea and the benefits of Glass Ionomer cements in Orthodontics


Melbourne-Hotel Chadstone


John Fricker & Geoff Hall


Saturday 25th June

Expand your orthodontic knowledge with industry experts in this one-day course on orthodontic essentials.

The dental industry is constantly evolving, with new thought leadership developing every day. So what’s new in the treatment of malocclusions, white spot lesions, and sleep studies? Hear from the experts themselves about treatments that can further your knowledge and reputation in your practice.

In this course, you will learn:

How to treat class 2 malocclusions with twin blocks

Twin blocks is a simple appliance that’s commonly used by general dentists for early treatment of malocclusions.

Learn the best ways on how and when dentists can use it practically and easily in their practice.

How to use glass ionomer cements for bonding brackets

Master the art of bonding brackets using glass ionomer cements. In this session, learn practical approaches to eliminate white spot lesions around braces on patients, especially those who find it challenging to maintain good oral hygiene.

The latest developments in sleep appliances

Sleep is the most talked-about area of dentistry today. But how well do we really understand sleep? Listen to the expert break down the truths and myths of sleep.

John has been using sleep appliances for over 25 years, and together with a team of experts, he will help learners understand what does and doesn’t work for patients.

Comprehensive treatment planning session

In this practical sharing session, Geoff and a panel of expert gurus will discuss the latest trends and developments in the industry, along with use cases and questions by dentists.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for:

  • Past OrthoED doctors who want to expand their orthodontic knowledge
  • Existing OrthoED doctors who’d like to supplement their current learnings

About John Fricker

John is a registered orthodontist in Canberra, ACT working as a specialist in both private and public practice. He has a strong interest in research and has published multiple peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. John has also given many lectures on glass-ionomer cements, orthodontics in the mixed dentition, and 3D imaging in Australia and overseas.

With a strong interest in continuing education, John recently completed a PhD on the topic of Continuing Professional Development for the dental profession in Australia. He’s committed to keeping up-to-date with evidence-based clinical practice through his own research and organising CPD events.

In 2010, John was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to the Dental Profession.

About Dr Geoff Hall

Known as the “Myth Busting Orthodontist”, Dr Geoff Hall is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading Orthodontic educators and has trained over 1000 dentists in Australia. He has 32 years of experience as an Orthodontist and treated over 11,000 cases worldwide.

As the founder and head tutor at OrthoED, Dr Hall believes that Orthodontics doesn’t have to be complicated, and one doesn’t need to be a specialist with years of experience to complete cases. His principle-based teaching helps dentists apply their knowledge and skills in all orthodontic systems.

In addition to being the director of OrthoED, Dr Geoff Hall currently works in specialist practice. He is also the founder and director of CAPS and co-founder and co-director of Clear Aligner Excellence.

Empower yourself with the latest knowledge on orthodontic treatment.

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