At OrthoED, we’re here to support you at every step of your orthodontic journey.

In the world of orthodontics, technology and techniques are constantly evolving. With our foundational Mini Masters program, you’ll gain the knowledge, tools and support to move from general dentist to super dentist with similar skills and knowledge to that of a specialist orthodontist. But what happens after you’ve completed the course?

  • Our Alumni program was introduced to support dentists on a lifelong journey through the exciting and sometimes challenging world of orthodontics. It’s a new initiative exclusively available for dentists who have completed our flagship Mini Masters program.
  • As an Alumni member, you’ll enjoy , discounted refresher courses, VIP training events, forums, bonus case studies, exclusive partner discounts and access to the preferred supplier scheme saving you tens of thousands of dollars in essential dental products and services for the years ahead.
  • Through the Alumni program, you’ll be supported in your transition and ongoing pursuit of excellence as a provider of orthodontic treatment, enabling you to achieve remarkable results for your patients with total confidence and predictability.
  • The Alumni program is not for everyone; it is for proactive, ambitious dentists who refuse to stand still or fall behind, and only available to dentists who have completed the full Mini Masters Program.