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Are you interested in watching orthodontic  cases  being fully discussed as part of the weekly Q&A Session with Dr. Hall? If so, click on the link on the right and join us in these very interactive sessions .

The Magic of Thinking Big

I was fortunate to have a sit down podcast with Dr Jesse Green, here is an excerpt from his site. “In this super fun episode of

Risk Management in Orthodontics

As an orthodontist, for approximately 20 years of my career, I had orthodontic cases which treated out exceptionally well and with no issues during treatment.

The Orthodontic Turn

For a long time, I have been wondering if I can help patients by being able to offer orthodontic treatment for relatively simple cases like the

Orthodontic Support | OrthoED

Orthodontic Support from Orthoed | Smilefast They say no man is an island and this is particularly true when it comes to complex oral health

Orthodontic Training

Orthodontic training for dentists Many dentists do not realise that they can offer Smilefast to their patients even if they do not have full postgraduate

Why Do You Always Need to Do Case Refinement?

Have you recently done a course in Orthodontics and are feeling anxious about implementing orthodontics into your practice?Clear aligners are nearly invisible trays that correct

Do You Need an Orthodontic Mentor?

Have you recently done a course in Orthodontics and are feeling anxious about implementing orthodontics into your practice?Many of us have undertaken orthodontic courses to

Q & A with Dr Hall

Q1. What makes OrthoED different to other courses? OrthoED is based on sound orthodontic principles which can be used in conjunction with most other systems.

Cosmetic Orthodontics | OrthoEd

The future of cosmetic orthodontics The term ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ covers 98 per cent of cases a GP will face when asked by patients about orthodontic

The Beauty of Short-Term Orthodontics

The beauty of short-term orthodontics It’s a common misconception that all orthodontic treatment takes years. While in some cases, that’s definitely true, often much shorter

Bite Magazine Editorial

We recently wrote an editorial for Bite Magazine, discussing some of the keys to successfully implementing orthodontics into a dental practice. We covered 3 of

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