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We recently wrote an editorial for Bite Magazine, discussing some of the keys to successfully implementing orthodontics into a dental practice. We covered 3 of them in the article below, but this is the bare minimum when it comes to orthodontics in your practice.

Bite Magazine Editorial DEC 2017


Orthodontics in your practice – the 3 keys to success.


Orthodontics has fast become a necessity in every dental practice, whether it be clear aligners, braces or short term cosmetic treatment. Practices have transformed their business by offering orthodontics to their patients, and those that are truly successful, treating up to 10 patients a month, succeed in three key areas, Education, Implementation and Marketing.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


Education around orthodontics is simple, the basic principles in aligning and straightening teeth has not changed. It starts with the Doctor and his experience in undertaking orthodontic education. Many think that by attending a short 1 day course, that they will have the skills and knowledge to begin treating orthodontics, and a few do! But for the majority, the one day course is simply not enough, and the component missing within this limited education, is a hands-on component. For most Doctors, the hands-on component is the key to confirming the theory, which they grasp with ease. Basic physics and mechanics of teeth and jaw alignment carry over from their day to day dentistry. The principles of orthodontic tooth movement, becomes clear when explained systematically, especially from a knowledgeable and experienced educator. When it comes to the hands-on component, this is where we see the greatest development in Doctors who bring together their own experience, the orthodontic theory they have learned and then apply it via the practical hands-on component. It’s here the realisation of how simple orthodontics can be, and many can then visualise treating their first patients.


“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter


Successful implementation is the key in EVERYTHING you do for your practice, and separates a good practice from a profitable practice. It’s not easy, it takes dedication, motivation, strong leadership and strategy. The key here is your strategy, setting out what you want to achieve, how you will get there, the key personnel (this is important) and your time frame. Our experience in helping practices implement orthodontics successfully, has constantly refined our strategy while making it adaptable and flexible to suit individual practice needs. We know the key milestones practices need for effective integration and when, the role of each individual, and the specific tasks and order they need to be completed. Finally, we offer each practice an in-house education and training for their first cases. Dedication, motivation and leadership comes naturally to all practices, while The OrthoED Institute has developed and will help implement, a strategy that has a high level of detail.


“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.” – Jeff Bullas


Marketing can seem overwhelming, confusing and expensive, but a specific approach, simple goals and strategy, will bring orthodontic success to your practice. Initial orthodontic marketing should be simple and internal, you already have loyal patient’s and now you can offer them an opportunity to straighten their teeth. It’s a low-cost exercise, that only needs a time commitment from staff. The key personnel in your practice will drive this strategy; educating reception staff, liaising with hygienists, communicating with the Doctor and having a polished presentation. The fine details are crucial, everyone that comes in to contact with the patient will influence their decision, each step in that patient’s journey needs to lead to a YES and the barriers to entry need to be addressed as they arise. Plan for each and every situation knowing that you couldn’t have done anymore for your patient to start treatment. Each patient that doesn’t go ahead with treatment, becomes part of your marketing education. This simple internal marketing strategy is one we have helped many practices implement. Another simple strategy to start with? Have your staff start treatment, your own walking talking advertising campaign!


Dr Hall has been educating doctors on predictable orthodontics, help implement and strategise treatment in their practice and setting up simple initial marketing strategies for over 10 years. He has successfully run his own practice for 25 years and has treated over 10,000 cases, which brings experience and knowledge that is only acquired over time. In 2018 The OrthoED Institute will launch its’ Full Mini Masters course with Dr Hall as head Educator. If you’re interested in learning more call 1300 073 427, email or visit our website

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