Now there’s a way to learn Orthodontics

without investing in our full 2 year post graduate course


OrthoED’s brand new

Orthodontic training bundles for 2023

Ready to learn essential or advanced orthodontics without diving into a 2 year course?

Our bundles offer you a budget-friendly alternative to “dip your toes” into our world class training and ease yourself into the exciting and profitable world of orthodontics.

We’ve taken essential modules from our 2 year Mini Masters course and bundled them into bitesize courses to suit your needs and budget.

Bundle 1

Essential Ortho

Ready to dive in deeper but still not ready for the full 2 year Mini Masters program? The Essential Ortho bundle contains the first 4 modules of the full Mini Masters program covering the essentials for successful orthodontics.

This bundle includes:

  • Orthodontic Fundamentals module - giving you a proper baseline understanding of orthodontics (3-days)
  • 2 modules covering Conventional and Unconventional Straight Wire Mechanics (2 x 2 days)
  • Early orthodontic treatment where you’ll learn diagnosis, management, case treatment and presentation (2.5 days)
  • Essential Aligner module - this module covers diagnosis and treatment planning essentials for all aligner therapy (3 days)

This bundle gives you the essentials of orthodontics so you can practice with confidence.

Total Duration: 12.5 days

Number of modules: 5

Investment: $15,000 (or 12 monthly payments of $1,375) EX GST

Our Mini Masters Essentials Program is currently unavailable for registration

Bundle 2

Advanced Ortho

This bundle is only available to students who have completed the Essential Ortho bundle first.  This bundle is the same as modules 5-9 of the full Mini Masters program.

This bundle includes:

  • Aesthetic and accelerated orthodontics plus TMJ and sleep apnoea module (2.5 days)
  • Advanced biomechanics module – managing class 1 and class 2 malocclusions (2.5 days)
  • Managing severe dental and skeletal discrepancies module (2.5 days)
  • IDT and managing difficult orthodontic problems module (2.5 days)
  • Advanced Aligners (2 Days)

Total Duration: 12 days

Number of modules: 5

Investment: $15,000 (or 12 monthly payments of $1,375) EX GST

Bundle 3

Aligner Bundle

Learn the essentials of aligner therapy and achieve remarkable outcomes for your patients, even if you’re starting from scratch.

This bundle includes:

  • Essential Aligner module from the 2 Mini Masters program. In this module, we cover diagnosis and treatment planning essentials for all aligner therapy (3 days.)
  • Advanced Aligner module. We look at how to handle more complex aligner cases. This is NOT included in the 2 year Mini Masters program. (2 days.)

Total Duration: 5 days

Number of modules: 2

The Aligner Bundle is currently unavailable for registration

Special Offer:

Save $1500 on the Aligner Bundle (Bundle 3) when purchased with the Full Mini Masters 2 Year Program!

The Aligner Bundle (Bundle 3) is the perfect addition to your full 2 year Mini Masters program as it contains the Advanced Aligner module that is not included in the Mini Masters course, which teaches you how to handle more complex aligner cases.

Focusing on Aligners for now?

Enrol in both the Aligner Essential Module and Advanced Aligner Module to save $660, which will provide you with foundational knowledge and skills to complete a variety of cases with confidence, efficiency and accuracy.

“Geoff and Robyn are so helpful because if I need some advice on what I should do, they quickly get onto it and help me out. They have a messaging system and reply back pretty much straight away which is very, very handy.”

Abhinav Sharma

Gympie, QLD

“The support for this course is way above anything else I've done. Geoff is very generous; he cares what we need to learn and Robyn’s amazing. For anything you need to know, they’ll be right back at you with the answer.”

Keith Doonan

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Who are these bundles for?

Dentists who would like to learn various aspects of orthodontics and who are:

  • At different stages in their career and education
  • Have different budgets for 2022/23
  • Have different needs, priorities and aspirations

How will this training benefit you?

  • Position your practice ahead of the competition with high-quality orthodontic services that other general dentists can’t offer.
  • Bring passion and excitement back into your career with a brand-new skill that’s fun to learn and gratifying to perform.
  • Provide more valuable services to your patients with a brand-new skill set that you can learn in as little as a few days.
  • Boost your reputation and word of mouth referrals with incredible results that your patients can’t wait to tell their friends and family about.
  • Boost your production and bottom line with an efficient, predictable, and high-quality approach that patients will be delighted with and happy to pay a premium for.

All of this is finally possible with OrthoED, the world-leading Orthodontic training institute right here in Australia.

Ready to get started?

Our bundles represent incredible value for money for dentists who may or may not wish to participate in our full 2-year post-graduate diploma, but would still like to gain profitable new skills in Orthodontics.

The world of orthodontics is an exciting place. If you know that you want to get started now but you’re not quite ready for the full 2 year course, then one of these bundles provides the perfect place to start.


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