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Learn the principles of conventional straight wire mechanics to achieve successful treatment planning through fixed appliances.

By understanding biomechanics and the various theories of orthodontic tooth movement, you can improve treatment planning through fixed appliances.

This online module covers the basic principles used for the selection of the orthodontic wires and bracket systems, positioning of brackets along with its associated intricacies, plus an in depth study of direct bonding and digital placement of brackets through indirect bonding.

In module 1 of this online course, you will:

  • Learn theories of tooth movement
  • Learn the history of orthodontics and how it applies to you
  • Understand orthodontic biomechanics – Forces, Moments and Couples-rotation, tipping, extrusion/intrusion and translation of teeth.
  • Discover when, why and how to use orthodontic brackets, wires, and auxiliaries, and the different types available to you
  • Understand orthodontic bracket prescriptions and their indications
  • Learn correct bracket placement and the importance of correct positioning
  • Learn direct bonding of brackets
  • Understand digital placement of brackets and indirect bonding
  • Use the case portal and 3D viewer

In module 2 of this online course, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic mechanics with a detailed discussion on various bracket prescriptions
  • Develop an in-depth understanding on risk analysis and the concept of a consistent force system which enables you to make the right decision during case selection
  • Learn key elements to a new patient examination
  • Learn how to effectively plan treatment for a full case, including diagnostic summary, problem list, risk assessment, and the preparation of various treatment options.

Why take this online course?

  • Try out orthodontics on a smaller budget
  • Revise aspects of your current treatments for better outcomes
  • Experience the most convenient way to learn sound orthodontic principles
  • Get unrestricted access for 3 months (ideal for busy dentists.)

Want even more, for less?

Enrol in our full Minimasters program for additional savings per module. Learn everything you need to know to provide world-class orthodontic treatments. Includes unrivalled support, training and tools plus the opportunity to achieve a post-graduate diploma.

If you enrol in the full Minimasters course you will be reimbursed a large percentage of any online module you take separately.

Or take a look at our module bundles, where you can mix and match your learning to suit your current situation and budget.

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