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Learn how to identify the best early orthodontic treatment in young patients

Early orthodontic treatment is one of the most significant healthcare decisions a parent will make for their child, so parents need to know you’ve got the skills and confidence to take on the case.

In this online module, you’ll discover how to confidently and proficiently detect and treat early orthodontic cases

In this online module, you will:

  • Learn how to identify best treatment options for arch length and skeletal discrepancies and all malocclusions in the young child
  • Understand how efficiency of functional appliances and management of impacted teeth and habits can affect the dentition
  • Discover the importance of implementation of Phase 1 treatment in the clinical practice for better profitability.
  • Upskill in managing severe skeletal discrepancies - sagittally, vertically, and/or transversally
  • Learn how do diagnose class 3 malocclusions and how to treat the various types
  • Learn how to correct transverse discrepancies
  • Understand how to manage vertical dysplasia; the deep overbite and open bite both dentally and skeletally
  • Learn how to deliver orthognathic surgery and presurgical orthodontics and post surgical detailing

Early treatment is an extremely rewarding part of the orthodontics career, as it can have a lasting, positive impact on children for the rest of their lives.

Your proficiency and confidence will help put nervous parents at ease and allow you to create a strong reputation as an expert at early treatment orthodontics.

Now is your opportunity to advance your dental career, boost your local reputation and provide world-class results that can provide a positive impact on a child’s life.

Why take this online course?

  • Try out orthodontics on a smaller budget
  • Revise aspects of your current treatments for better outcomes
  • Experience the most convenient way to learn sound orthodontic principles
  • Get unrestricted access for 3 months (ideal for busy dentists.)

Want even more, for less?

Enrol in our full Minimasters program for additional savings per module. Learn everything you need to know to provide world-class orthodontic treatments. Includes unrivalled support, training and tools plus the opportunity to achieve a post-graduate diploma.

If you enrol in the full Minimasters course you will be reimbursed a large percentage of any online module you take separately.

Or take a look at our module bundles, where you can mix and match your learning to suit your current situation and budget.

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