Learn sound orthodontic principles to make your clear aligner cases clinically successful, profitable, and with predictable outcomes every time

Now you can provide Clear Aligner treatments confidently, profitably and successfully, even if you have no experience or have struggled with aligner cases in the past.

Clear Aligner Therapy is big business. The Australian market is worth around $46 million and growing. By providing Clear Aligner services, you can:

  • Increase your practice profits
  • Reduce referrals to specialists
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage
  • Have happier patients and receive more referrals
  • Feel excited about your work again.

This online course module teaches you the principles of aligner treatment, allowing you to take on more cases with confidence, no matter how complicated.

In our Aligner Essentials module, you will:

  • Learn the history of aligner therapy
  • Evaluate and understand different aligner systems
  • Understand what can be achieved with aligner movements
  • See which cases should utilise fixed braces rather than aligners
  • Learn the difference in biomechanics for aligners and braces
  • Understand problems with aligners and how to resolve them – tips, tricks and techniques
  • Learn Orthodontic setups for class 2 and class 3 issues
  • Learn Orthodontic setups for deep bites and open bites
  • Learn how to manage extraction cases with aligners
  • Discover how to integrate aligner treatment into your practice efficiently and profitably

Why take the Aligner Essentials course?

  • Try out orthodontics on a smaller budget
  • Revise aspects of your current treatments for better outcomes
  • Experience the most convenient way to learn sound
    orthodontic principles
  • Get unrestricted access for 3 months (ideal for busy dentists.)

Want even more, for less?

Enrol in our full Sound Orthodontics Principles Online program for additional savings per module. Learn everything you need to know to provide world-class orthodontic treatments. Includes training and tools plus the future opportunity to achieve a post-graduate diploma (coming soon).

If you enrol in the full Sound Orthodontics Principles Online course you will be reimbursed a large percentage of any online module you take separately.

Or take a look at our module bundles, where you can mix and match your learning to suit your current situation and budget.

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