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Learn how to manage challenging malocclusions with greater efficiency and precision.

In this online module, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced biomechanics and develop the skills and techniques to effectively manage difficult malocclusions.

In this online module, you will:

  • Learn about anchorage and its application on orthodontic tooth movement and management of both extraction and non-extraction Class I malocclusion cases.
  • Learn the intricacies involved while preparing different auxiliaries or inducing torque in the archwire.
  • Understand advanced biomechanics to force systems from different bracket wire geometries and risk assessment appropriate to treatment planning.
  • Learn how anchorage applies to orthodontic tooth movement
  • Gain a deeper understanding of VTO and how it impacts on planning treatment
  • Learn management of class 1 malocclusions non-extraction and extraction
  • Learn management of class 2 malocclusions non-extraction and extraction
  • Understand bracket position and torque modifications and different auxiliaries based on proposed tooth movements
  • Learn more about Digital Finishing wires

On completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand advanced biomechanics in order to handle difficult malocclusions and treat patients in the most efficient manner with appropriate treatment planning
  • Gain a detailed analysis of anchorage and utilisation of the Virtual Treatment Objective (VTO) to provide better planning for your patients
  • Know exactly how to manage both non-extraction and extraction cases with effective and highly efficient treatment planning

Why take this online course?

  • Try out orthodontics on a smaller budget
  • Revise aspects of your current treatments for better outcomes
  • Experience the most convenient way to learn sound orthodontic principles
  • Get unrestricted access for 3 months (ideal for busy dentists.)

Want even more, for less?

Enrol in our full Minimasters program for additional savings per module. Learn everything you need to know to provide world-class orthodontic treatments. Includes unrivalled support, training and tools plus the opportunity to achieve a post-graduate diploma.

If you enrol in the full Minimasters course you will be reimbursed a large percentage of any online module you take separately.

Or take a look at our module bundles, where you can mix and match your learning to suit your current situation and budget.

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