Clinical Case Support

From Orthodontic Experts at Your Fingertips

Get support on unlimited orthodontic cases with a premium subscription to our Smilefast/OrthoED portal.

Never Second-Guess Again

Treating patients is hard work. And sometimes, we all need that extra support for our patient cases.

The OrthoED’s Clinical Case Support is here to help dentists make sound decisions in their treatment every time. With a yearly subscription,(or 12 monthly payments) you can get a valuable expert opinion on your cases and eliminate the mental fatigue of wondering:

  • Is my proposed treatment the right one for this particular patient?
  • Am I missing out on anything with this case? Is there something I’ve overlooked?(adults and teens)
  • Is there a more efficient and easier way to do this?
  • How do I get this treatment right the first time around?
  • Is that really what I think it is on the x-ray?
  • What if I run into a complication during treatment?

Now you can eliminate the stress! With OrthoED’s Clinical Case Support, treating patients has never been easier.

Unlimited Cases Priceless Support

Get that second expert opinion you’ve always wanted from a team of specialists for only $200 per month* or a yearly fee of $1999 (these fees are ex GST)

Your patient case will be assessed by orthodontists with decades of experience treating tens of thousands of orthodontic cases. With their support, you can:

  • Eliminate guesswork for all your patients’ treatments
  • Get insights on new and improved ways of treating a particular case from expert orthodontists
  • Get a comprehensive, personalised answer that’s specifically tailored to you and your patient
  • Enjoy unlimited support by submitting as many cases as you want
  • Need a little more help? Upgrade for a one-hour one-on-one virtual meeting with a specialist orthodontist for $550**
  • Make minimal errors and treat patients efficiently every time
  • Boost your dental reputation with happy customers who leave your office satisfied!

*Monthly payment plans are charged at $200.00/month + GST,

with a minimum 12-month contract.

** price does not include GST.

How It Works


Log into your Smilefast/OrthoED portal using provided login details.


Submit patient case, including x-rays, pictures, analysis, proposed treatments and any other relevant information.


Our team of orthodontists will review your case.


You’ll receive an email with our written feedback within 4 days!

Want our clinical case support for free?

Get our clinical case support and learn essential orthodontic skills while you’re at it! All dentists enrolled in the OrthoED Mini Masters will receive our clinical case support for FREE for 18 months.

The OrthoED Mini Masters is Australia’s most trusted orthodontic training for dentists. In this 2-year program, you will learn to develop your skills and confidence on how to treat patients successfully and efficiently every time.

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