Dr. Peter Sheridan, Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney University presents...

Premier 1 Day Course on Clinical Photography in Dentistry

Melbourne, June 24th, 2022

Discover the high quality clinical photography methods that produce better records, manage risk, improve patient communication and become a powerful marketing tool for your practice

In modern dentistry, clinical photography is essential for proper case management, patient communication and marketing to attract new patients. In fact, it’s a fundamental part of best practice, supporting and reinforcing treatment decisions and outcomes.

Capture what X-rays can’t

Unfortunately, X-rays do not show:

  • Failing restorations
  • Crack lines and wear patterns

Or what clinical notes might miss…

Such as the sequence of events in a clinical session.

And what study models struggle to show...

Such as the restored nature of teeth and the health of soft tissues.

And instead, get the best possible view inside your patients’ mouth with high definition and accurate photographs that tell the real story!

In this 1 day course, clinical photography expert Dr Peter Sheridan will show you the techniques to consistently produce high quality dental photographs.

Topics Include:

  • Photographs as an integral part of records and communication in everyday dental practice
  • Broadening the scope of clinical photography to include all the teeth and oral tissues as well as the disease and damage that dentists confront every day
  • Clinical photography as a tool for improving and underpinning risk management for dentists.
  • Images for patient education ... I want you to see what I see
  • The essence of exposure, aperture and ISO in digital photography as the key to simplifying hand-held macro photography in dentistry.
  • Dispensing with old mantras regarding focusing, magnification ratios, depth of field and lenses.
  • Understanding and using the new sensors, crop factors, autofocusing, single point focus, white balance, histograms and manual exposure.
  • All the information on cameras plus three recommended camera systems and recommendations for retractors, mirrors and contrastors.
  • A team approach to clinical photography as well as the proper technique and positioning for taking intra-oral and extra-oral images during dental treatment.
  • Simple in-camera image optimization without accessory computer software. Get the perfect image every time.
  • Understanding management of digital files from source to output and making the patient record the central focus of efficient and secure data asset management.
  • Better patient acceptance of treatment options using clinical photography and descriptive statements.

Learning objectives:

  • Use modern digital camera technology as part of routine dental practice
  • The best equipment and accessories at an affordable price
  • Better records and risk management in dentistry
  • Improved communication with colleagues - specialists, technicians etc.
  • Learn how to consistently take outstanding intra- and extra oral images
  • Save, store, archive and display images – simplifying workflow and management of digital data.
  • Use photographs to improve patient compliance and build your practice

Why take this 1 day course?

  • Significantly enhance the quality of records, validate clinical decisions and be an important risk-management tool.
  • Learn to incorporate clinical photography into everyday dental practice.
  • Gain an impressive tool for patient education and practice marketing.
  • Suitable for all experience levels among general dentists, specialists, hygienists and experienced dental assistants.

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You don’t need to be a specialist to learn how to produce high quality clinical photography for your practice.
Dr Sheridan will show you the equipment, techniques and principles you can use day to day to improve your case planning, management, marketing and communications.
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Recent reviews…

Great presenter who is very approachable! I feel confident to use the information instantly in my surgery

The information was well paced and very useful. Loved the enthusiasm!

Excellent, concise and easy to understand. Topics were covered well.

One of the most enjoyable CPD days
I’ve had!

I have struggled with photography for many years. After attending this course I am confident to display my photos to an orthodontist.

Excellent knowledge, communication and presentation.



Clinical Senior Lecturer, Sydney University

Peter Sheridan is a senior dentist in Sydney, Australia with 45 years experience in the general dental practice he started in 1971. He is a clinical senior lecturer at Sydney University presenting clinical photography courses for postgraduate degree students and registrars in implants and pediatrics.

Peter presents numerous clinical photography day courses, lectures, masterclasses and webinars each year throughout Australia and New Zealand for dentists, specialists and hygienists on behalf of the Australian Dental Association, the New Zealand Dental Association, the Dental Hygienist Association of Australia and specialist groups.

Peter has a Masters degree in Preventive Dentistry and is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

His ‘A Guide to Standard Views’ (2013) is the first photographic protocol suitable for general dentistry.

He is the author of the textbook ‘Clinical Photography in Dentistry – a new Perspective (Quintessence, USA, 2017) which brings his photographic skills and concepts to a worldwide audience, reflecting his international standing in this field.

He is an accredited professional photographer and the author of three seminal photographic reference books on Art Deco, industrial design and architecture (Radio Days 2008, Deco Radio 2014, Sydney Art Deco 2019). In 2001 he was honored by the Australian government, being made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his international work in empowering people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

He is an internationally recognized historian, collector and speaker on Art Deco design. His general photographic images and articles appear in specialist fine art journals, books, travel publications, museum catalogs and print media.

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