M5: Aesthetic and Accelerated Orthodontics

Aesthetic and accelerated orthodontics, TMJ and sleep apnoea.
Geoff Hall · 2021-07-01

Module 5: Aesthetic and accelerated orthodontics, TMD, and sleep apnoea 


Following this two-and-a-half-day course, the practitioner will understand the goals of short-term orthodontics, the eligible patients, and the keys to success with this type of therapy. With an increase in marketing of accelerated orthodontic systems, the participant will understand the biology behind them, the different options available, and a cost-benefit analysis of the various systems on the market. In addition, a discussion of techniques and appliances to increase the rate of tooth movement from a cellular biological perspective The participant will learn about other removable aesthetic appliances and their pros and cons and will be introduced to lingual orthodontics and how to incorporate this into their practice. In addition, a 1-day lecture program on TMD and sleep apnoea by an expert in this area and an area of dentistry that can be professionally and financially rewarding to incorporate into general practice. The student will be familiar with the theories on retention and how best to manage an individual’s retention plan based on the initial malocclusion.

What will be covered in Module 5

  • Accelerated orthodontic techniques –the biology behind them, the different options available, and a cost-benefit analysis of the various systems on the market.
  • The myriad of removable aesthetic appliances for accelerated orthodontic results
  • Short-term orthodontics (STO) – the goals of STO, the eligible patients, the keys to success, and how to implement and market in your practice.
  • Smilefast hybrid system
  • Lingual orthodontics and how to utilise it as a general dental practitioner.
  • Orthodontic simulation software—how to use it for exceptional diagnosis and treatment planning
  • TMJ therapy
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Orthodontic retention

Learning outcomes for Module 5 

  • Understanding the biology of tooth movement and how to move teeth faster
  • Understanding the different aesthetic appliances – how to use them and their limitations
  • Understanding sleep issues and their interrelationship with orthodontics
  • Understanding TMD and its interrelationship with orthodontics
  • Understanding orthodontic retention

Reading materials and the course manual are available in the lesson named ‘Course Materials’. You will see both pre and post-course material and your course manual.

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Geoff Hall

Dr Hall has an extreme passion for clinical orthodontics and orthodontic training for Dentists, specialising in adult and children treatments including early treatment, conventional adolescent therapy, short-term orthodontics (Smilefast) and cosmetic treatment options including lingual braces, Invisalign and other aligner systems, and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthognathic surgical cases. Dr Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education and all backed by 27 years and over 10,000 cases of orthodontic experience.

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