M7: Management of CL 3 Malocclusions

Management of CL 3 malocclusions and management of vertical and transverse dysplasia.
Geoff Hall Geoff Hall · 23/05/2019
  • Management of severe skeletal discrepancies- sagitally vertically, and/or transversally
  • Diagnosis of class 3 malocclusions and how to treat the various types
  • Correcting transverse discrepancies
  • Management of vertical dysplasia-the deep overbite and open bite both dentally and skeletally
  • Orthognathic surgery and pre surgical orthodontics and post surgical detailing

Following this program, the more difficult malocclusions such as the Class III malocclusion and significant vertical and transverse dysplasia will be discussed from a diagnosis and treatment point of view, and the benefits of the previous courses involving advanced biomechanics and the use of the virtual treatment objective will help to plan and manage these more difficult cases.This programme will also incorporate pre-surgical and surgical orthodontics with an emphasis on post surgical finishing.

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