M8: IDT and Difficult Orthodontic Problems

IDT and management of difficult orthodontic problems and malocclusions & Digital Smile Design (DSD)
Geoff Hall · 23/05/2019
  • Management of Perio/ortho interrelationship
  • Management of impacted teeth
  • Management of missing teeth
  • Orthodontic Bone regeneration
  • Unique orthodontic issues –transposed teeth ,supernumerary teeth etc etc
  • Setting up cases for implant placement and restorative treatment
  • Micro implants as an aid to orthodontic anchorage and tooth movement
  • Digital Smile Design

Following program, the candidate will understand the management of impacted teeth, missing teeth, orthodontic bone regeneration and the interrelationship between periodontics and orthodontics as well as the interrelationship between orthodontics and endodontics, and the interrelationship between orthodontics and restorative dentistry. In this program unique orthodontic problems will also be discussed such as transposed teeth and supernumerary teeth and management of severe skeletal discrepancies that may require orthognathic surgery or implants to aid anchorage and tooth movement. This programme will also discuss requirements from a prosthodontic point of view of how teeth should be positioned for different restorative options and the use of Digital Smile Design (DSD) in treatment planning patients in all aspects of anterior restorative cases and how this is utilised in interdisciplinary therapy.

Reading materials and the course manual are available in the lesson named ‘Course Materials’. You will see both pre and post course material’s and your course manual.

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