Dr Andrew Dillon – The worn dentition and the ortho-restorative interface

Dr Andrew Dillon – The worn dentition and the ortho-restorative interface. 

We were very fortunate to have Dr Andrew Dillon present a sensational and exceptionally informative webinar titled The worn dentition and the ortho-restorative interface“ With recent advances, the dental management of resolving poor occlusions will offer:

  • Often a life-changing treatment that greatly enhances your patients' health and quality of life
  • A source of significant revenue for the dentist

Areas covered in this world class webinar

  • The collapsed bite requires restorative space to rebuild teeth to their pre-worn dimension
  • When would we consider orthodontics to provide restorative space and when can rebuild the teeth with restorative intervention alone

Dr Andrew Dillon completed his Dental Degree from Melbourne University in 1981. He spent 6 years in a private general dental practice before undertaking further study, completing the one year Long Course in Prosthodontics at Melbourne University in 1988 and his Masters’ degree in Prosthodontics in 1991.

He has devoted the last 30 years to develop one of Australia’s leading practices in advanced oral rehabilitative care. He has special interests in biomimetic dentistry; smile design and aesthetic dentistry, restoring “collapsed” bites and implant reconstruction.

He has taken an active role in teaching Dentists to upgrade their knowledge and skills, having lectured extensively around Australia and internationally to ADA groups and affiliated societies such as the Prosthodontic, Osteointegration, Endodontic, and Periodontic Societies as well as numerous study groups and at State and Federal Dental Congress’s.

He is a member of the ADA, Australian Prosthodontic Society, Australia and New Zealand Prosthodontic Academy and the International College of Prosthodontists.

He is past chairman of the New Horizons study group, co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Dento-Facial Study Club of Victoria and a board member for the Melbourne Seattle Study Club.

He is a casual lecturer for Post Graduate students at Melbourne University.

Anyone who sees adult patients needs to watch this webinar and understand the different options in managing these daily common conditions.

Hope you enjoy this presentation as much as I did and all of the lucky ones who were able to see it live and interact with Andrew.


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