About The Course Instructor

Dr Geoff Hall

Known by many as the “Myth Busting Orthodontist” Dr Geoff Hall is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading Orthodontic educators having trained over 1000 dentists here in Australia.

As the founder and head tutor at OrthoED, Dr Hall shows dentists that Orthodontics doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated and you don’t need to be a specialist with years of experience to successfully complete cases.

His principle-based teaching allows dentists to apply their knowledge and skills in all orthodontic systems and is built on 32 years of experience as an Orthodontist treating over 11,000 cases.

Dr Hall founded The OrthoED Institute because as a practising orthodontist, he felt there was no clear framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge.

“Many courses have limited support, inconsistent principles and tuition that only focuses on one specific area of orthodontics, restricting your ability to treat a variety of cases and provide your patients with the best possible care. Our courses help you understand the underlying principles so that you can apply your knowledge to any area of orthodontics, along with full case support so that you can take on a variety of cases with confidence.”

Dr Geoff Hall

Dr Hall has a passion for teaching and educating general dentists –having established the New Horizons Study Club and bringing the Seattle Study club to the Australian shores . In addition to being the director of OrthoED ,he still works in specialist practice and is also the founder and director of CAPS and co-founder and co-director of Clear Aligner Excellence with Dr Jesse Green.