Dr Geoffrey Hall – Obtaining Accurate Orthodontic Records for Proper Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

In this webinar I will discuss... 

  • The information that needs to be provided to the patient or responsible party prior to the records appointment
  • What records are required for obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • A detailed discussion on intraoral and extra oral photography – and many tips to improve your photographic records
  • How to obtain accurate PVS impressions
  • The advantages of digital scanning
  • Standard orthodontic radiographs that are required for orthodontic treatment planning purposes
  • The use and advantages of CBCT radiographs
  • Other supplementary records that may be required on a case-by-case basis, including the hand wrist radiograph and the use of digital setups/orthodontic simulations

I hope you find the webinar useful and provides yourself and your staff with tips and tricks to improve the quality of your records – and also help you assess whether your records are acceptable and to the high standard that need to be achieved on a regular basis .

If you have any questions or comments about any of the information in this webinar – please do not hesitate to contact myself geoff@orthoed.com.au on 0411660032

Regards, Geoff

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