Dr Geoffrey Hall – The New Patient Exam Webinar

For those that joined us on the night thank-you, for those that missed it we hope you enjoy the content. 

Synopsis for the new patient webinar by Dr Geoff hall

Performing the ideal new patient examination and patient experience 

This presentation will provide you with the tools to differentiate your practice from your surrounding competitors, by providing an examination that not only gives you all the information required to make an excellent diagnosis and treatment plan – but will also WOW your patients and provide them with confidence in your dental and communication skills.

This presentation is not only designed for orthodontic cases, but for any patient that presents in your practice.

We discussed;

  • What you need to send a patients even prior to your new patient examination
  • The most important question to ask any patient – whether it be orthodontics, restorative dentistry,.periodontics
  • This one question will increase your conversion 10 x 
  • Providing the wow factor in the new patient examination visit
  • The art of communication and presenting different treatment options 
  • The art of presenting different financial options – an essential part to increasing conversions in these economic times
  • What you need to do after the new patient examination to maintain the patient's interest in your proposed treatment plan and your practice
One of the greatest costs in a practice is patient acquisition and trying to drive these patients into your practice. Most dentists have very good clinical skills, but the key to having a very successful practice is the new patient examination. In fact we don't need more new patients to be busy – we just need to convert the patient's that attend our practice. 

This presentation will provide you with you new skills that you can implement immediately and change the financial nature of your practice significantly with the knowledge that we will provide you in this webinar 

In the meantime if you have any questions, comments, cases that you would like to discuss please email these to me geoff@orthoed.com.au

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