Dr Harry Ball – “Snoring & Sleep Apnoea”

Dr Harry Ball – Snoring & Sleep Apnoea ‘Changing Lives with Oral Appliances – Dentistry Like You’ve Never Known It'

We very fortunate to have Dr Harry Ball present a sensational and exceptionally informative webinar titled “Snoring and Sleep apnoea - Changing lives with oral appliances - dentistry like you have never known it “

With recent advances, the dental management of snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism have become an area that is deeply satisfying and enjoyable for the following reasons:

  • It is often a life-changing treatment that greatly enhances your patients' health and quality of life,
  • It is a source of significant revenue for the dentist,

In this presentation Harry Ball covered :

  • Screening for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism,
  • Organising and interpreting sleep studies plus working with a sleep physician,
  • The range of state of the art appliances and choosing an optimal appliance for each patient,
  • The communication skills for high case acceptance,
  • Acquiring patients-Internal and external marketing.

Dr Harry Ball is the immediate past chairperson of the dental sleep medicine council of the Australasian Sleep Association. He has restricted his practice to dental sleep medicine and is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world, establishing Sleepwise Clinic which has treated over 14,000 patients with oral appliance therapy.

Dr Ball has provided training programs for dentists throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as in the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia. He has presented on sleep to GPs, sleep physicians as well as on behalf of the Australian Dental Association, the Australian Orthodontic society and Dental Health Services of Victoria.

Anyone who sees patients –needs to watch this webinar –as it the present and future of clinical dentistry and how we as a dental practitioner can help patients and their partners change their lives

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


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