Dr Jesse Green – 3 Simple Ways To Introduce A Profitable Ortho Service Into Your Practice

We were exceptionally privileged to have Dr Jesse Green present a webinar entitled “3 Simple Ways To Introduce A Profitable Ortho Service Into Your Practice”

I highly recommend that you view this webinar – as it was the best one hour presentation I've ever seen on this topic.

Jesse, talks about driving more patients into the practice through external and internal marketing and how to build authority with your patient in the new patient process including his wonderful fireside chat.

In addition to this he talks about the essential scripting for the case study builder and then finishes with the importance of the intellectual property of a practice with regards to process and systems – and the issues that need to be addressed to train staff to help in the practice so as to provide efficiencies and quality treatment.

This is a webinar not to be missed – and probably a webinar one can look at at many times – and each time it will provide you with another pearl to introduce into your practice

I hope you find this webinar is informative and enjoyable as I did – and I look forward to hearing your feedback after you've had a chance to view it

I promise this will transform the way you look at your new patient process from driving the patients into your practice to their ultimate conversion into treatment

Regards, Geoff

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