Early Orthodontic Treatment (Part 1)

Early Orthodontic Treatment - The essential knowledge for a General Dental Practitioner

Approximately one in four children (aged between 7 and 11 ) who present to your office, have an orthodontic problem that would benefit with early orthodontic treatment or intervention.By providing orthodontic treatment early for the correct patient in many cases can: 

  • Reduce the need for extractions in the future
  • Reduce the severity of the malocclusion, allowing an easier and shorter orthodontic approach in the permanent dentition
  • Correct functional problems that if left untreated may cause TMD issues and even require orthognathic surgery in the future
  • Help to improve the final aesthetic outcome
  • Improve the patient's airways
  • Provide improved social confidence

In this 2 part webinar we will be discussing the essential knowledge a general dentist needs to identify and help manage the most common problems that a young child may present with in their practice .

Part 1

  • Management of Functional orthodontic issues in the Growing child
  • Management of Class 2 malocclusions in the growing child
  • Management of Class 3 malocclusions in the growing child

Part 2 - 

  • Management of developmental problems including ectopically positioned teeth
  • Management of moderate and severe crowding in the growing patient
  • Management of Missing teeth in the growing patient

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