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Learn the most effective way to manage impacted ectopic teeth (using principles that traditional dentistry training won’t tell you.)

After decades of experience and refinement, I’d like to share my best orthodontic strategies and techniques to help you resolve crowing faster, easier and more efficiently for your patients.

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You’ll discover:

  • Normal canine development and assessment of prognosis of impaction
  • Diagnosis and management of Impacted Canines in the earthly and mixed dentition
  • Risk Management in resolving impacted canines
  • Surgical approaches to the management of impacted canines
  • Diagnosis and management of Impacted incisors in the earthly and mixed dentition
  • Diagnosis and management of impacted first molars in the early and mixed dentition

Other dentists have paid several thousand dollars to get access to this training module as part of our Mini Masters 2 year program.

“Geoff breaks it down and makes it simple for general dentists to understand the concepts of orthodontics and attract more patients...”

Monita Nayak

Carnegie, VIC

“If Geoff says something will work, it will work...”

Virginia Williams

Ballarat, VIC

“Geoff’s lecturing style keeps things entertaining and provides great clinical tips from his years of experience.”

- Matt Burke

About Dr Geoff Hall

As a practicing orthodontist for 30 years, I founded The OrthoED Institute because I felt there was no clear framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge.

Many courses have limited support, inconsistent principles and tuition that only focuses on one specific area of orthodontics, restricting your ability to treat a variety of cases and provide your patients with the best possible care.

With the right guidance and support, orthodontics doesn't have to be difficult or scary. And you don’t need to be a specialist with years of experience.

After treating 10,000 cases and teaching over 700 students, I’d like to show you a brand new way to think about, approach and treat patients to a standard you may never thought possible.