General Dentist Orthodontic Summit 2020

Welcome to the recording of the General Orthodontic Summit 2020, below you will find the great lectures provided including some of the offers that were made on the day. 

Session 1

Dr Geoffrey Hall - The myths of extraction and non-extraction orthodontic therapy revealed

  • How much extra arch length do you get with every mm of expansion?
  • What are the most effective ways of orthodontically gaining space with non extraction therapy?
  • Do extractions always adversely affect the profile?
  • The answers to these questions may surprise you!

Special Offer # 1

Orthodontic Essentials Bundle - Save $1500

Valid until 9th November 2020
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Special Offer # 2

The Full Mini Masters Program - Save $2200

Valid until 9th November 2020
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Valid for the Full Mini Masters or the Brisbane Intensive program

Session 2

Dr Martin Poon - The essentials of aligner therapy

  • Understanding how aligners really work
  • How to choose the correct attachment for a particular tooth movement
  • What are the key clinical factors to make aligner treatment predictable

Special Offer # 3

CAPS - Complete Aligner Planning Service. contact 
Session 3

Mrs Robyn Wood - Chaos to clarity: Ortho essentials for the whole team

  • Essential Armamentarium to get started
  • Everything the patient needs to now
  • The ideal and efficient clinical setup

Special Offer # 4

Module 1 Online, Special price $888 +GST

Valid until 9th November 2020
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Special Offer # 5

Orthomax - Special discounts and complimentary products for registrants. 

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Session 4

Dr Andrew Dillon - The essential (but often missed) step for great restorative outcomes

  • The restorative case sometimes requires ortho as an adjunct to achieve aesthetic and occlusal control, to allow biomimetic preparation and idealisation of gingival contours when restoring teeth or implants.
  • This presentation will look at cases detailing when ortho is necessary and when restoration alone can achieve the desired outcome.
Session 5

Mr Angus Pryor - 3 keys to growing your practice by 10% in one month

  • Taming the ten-tonne titan
  • Tapping into the largest untapped resource in your practice
  • Turning the ortho trickle into a flood

Special Offers

1. Free Online Practice Assessment (value $100). You get:

  • Comparison of your practice online versus competitors
  • Forecast of users to your website in the next month
  • Keywords that are attracting users to your website
  • Rank of the keywords that create your online presence

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2. Free 12 month subscription to Dental Edge MagazineKeeping you at the cutting edge of dentistry:

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Session 5

 Dr Geoffrey Hall & Mr Angus Pryor 

  • What to do next  to start your journey in Orthodontics or take your existing Orthodontic knowledge to the next level

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