General Dentist Orthodontic Summit 2022

Welcome to the recording of the General Orthodontic Summit 2022, below you will find the great lectures provided including some of the offers that were made on the day. 

Session 1

Dr Geoffrey Hall - The orthodontic management of the Class II growing patient

  • Why is a Class II malocclusion such a problem and why does it need to be treated at an early age?
  • The use of functional appliances, and how they work, how do they compare in efficiency with Class II elastics or even a Headgear.
  • How we orthodontically manage Class II dental malocclusions.

Special Offer # 1

The Full Mini Masters - $5700 Value

Valid until 5th February 2022
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Special Offer # 2

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning ONLINE - Save $1109

Valid until 5th February 2022
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Special Offer # 3

Dr Peter Sheridan Photography Course - Save $600

Valid until 5th February 2022

Session 2

Dr Martin Poon - Tips and tricks with aligner therapy

Session 3

Mrs. Robyn Wood - Solutions to 5 most common questions Drs ask preventing them from feeling comfortable in offering orthodontics.

  • Scheduling orthodontic patients
  • Systems required
  • Marketing to patients
  • What support is recommended for Drs
  • How to get started
Session 4

Dr. Michael Stubbs - Why does occlusion matter when it comes to better sleep?

This presentation takes you through a series of check lists to look for in your paediatric patient cases which can have a significant positive impact on their sleep quality. This includes the recognition of bruxism in your patient group as well as how early intervention by simply asking the right questions can your patient. Of course, the information can be applied to any age group!

Session 5

Mr. Angus Pryor - 3 essential steps to maximise the ROI on your marketing spend

Join Australia’s no.1 Google-ranked dental marketer, Angus Pryor, to discover:

  • The first essential step that if missed, will completely undermine your efforts at achieving a solid marketing ROI
  • The 60 second change to your practice procedures that will quickly shed light on the marketing winners and losers at your practice
  • The top 5 biggest winners and losers in marketing that you can embrace/steer clear of even before you start measuring ROI

Special Offers

1. Free Online Practice Assessment (value $100). You get:

  • Comparison of your practice online versus competitors
  • Forecast of users to your website in the next month
  • Keywords that are attracting users to your website
  • Rank of the keywords that create your online presence

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Expires: midnight 28th February 2022

2. Free 12 month subscription to Dental Edge MagazineKeeping you at the cutting edge of dentistry:

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Session 5

 Why and how should you do more orthodontics

  • What to do next  to start your journey in Orthodontics or take your existing Orthodontic knowledge to the next level

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