How To STOP Negative Reviews of Your Practice

Any dentist who has regular patients will know that keeping them happy is paramount for their practice. Get it wrong and you’ve lost a customer for life. And worse, in a couple of taps from their iPhone, that customer can leave a scathing Google review that brings your business to its knees.

There is a bond of trust between dentist and patient and if a patient feels comfortable and safe in your hands they will always choose your practice above any other.

Now imagine your best patient…needs some orthodontic treatment. You have to send them elsewhere to get it. First of all, they may feel uncomfortable being treated by someone else. Second, they may never return if the other practice offers something you don’t at more affordable prices.

Next thing you know, you have lost a loyal patient  and a whole lot of business.

Implementing orthodontics in your general practice simply means you get more chance for repeat business because you can offer them more.

This where Step #3 of our 7 Steps to Implement Orthodontics in Your General Practice comes in… Mastering Efficient, Predictable Orthodontic Mechanics.

When we train dentists on our courses, we include understanding the mechanics of orthodontics to realise the most ideal patient outcome.

The heart of keeping patients happy in orthodontics is to be able to show them how their treatment will progress from start to finish. We do that using the latest orthodontic technology we developed previously through our Smilefast system that provides a digital setup that then allows the teeth to move most efficiently from point A to point B.

An understanding of biomechanics, bracket/wire geometry and force systems will allow the practitioner to provide efficient and predictable orthodontic mechanics to achieve the required tooth movement for an individual patient.

The efficiency of tooth movement is exceptionally important as this will maintain the health of the teeth and its supporting structures, minimise patient discomfort and reduce patient visits and treatment time— all of which promotes a happy patient/ dentist relationship and more referrals to the practice.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you give your patients high calibre service through orthodontics, click here now to set up a one on one Discovery Session call. We can have a chat and answer any questions you might have about getting started.

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