How To Train Staff and Delegate More Effectively

I hope that these blog articles I have been posting over the past few weeks have been helpful so far and have answered some of your questions about our 7 Steps to Implement Orthodontics in Your General Practice.

The next step I want to talk about will help you transform your practice to the next level of success. 

Get this right and everything you learn about Orthodontics will pay off much more quickly and easily. 

Get it wrong and Orthodontics could start to go very wrong for you. Wasted hours, poor patient experience, unmanageable workload and heaps of other issues that become a thorn in your side, instead of a jewel in your crown.

I’m talking about getting your staff trained to the highest possible level, which leads me to…

Step #6 Staff Training and Efficient Delegation

In the USA model of orthodontic delivery to patients—even untrained auxiliaries provide 95% of direct patient care.

In Australia obviously there are greater restrictions –but even with our dental nurses efficient training with record taking , photography, performing intraoral scans, working in the digital world and patient communication can free up the doctor of their valuable time in a very cost efficient and patient friendly manner.

More importantly, the training of hygienists and/or dental therapists can significantly increase the productivity and profitability of orthodontics in a general practice.

Remember, the skill in orthodontics is knowledge—the training of technical parts such as placement of the wires or removal of braces etc is an easy skill to train and once knowing how and what to delegate transforms the great majority of chairside time to the hygienist and/or therapist allowing the dentist to still perform high end dentistry in their primary chair and provide a more enjoyable and profitable stream of income via their hygiene area.

Knowing what and when to delegate is critical. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. However, follow the advice in step 6 and you could soon be taking your practice to levels you never thought possible. Not just with Orthodontics, but with all of your treatments.

Our training courses are designed to help your practice flow perfectly, keep your patients happy, and ensure that your entire team enjoy coming to work, in a practice that’s more profitable than ever before.

If you would like to talk to us further about our training courses, click here now to set up a one on one Discovery Session call. We can have a chat and answer any questions you might have about getting started.

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