Dr Jesse Green – How to use aligners to make $250,000 PROFIT

“How to Use Aligners to make $250,000 profit without any extra effort” 

In this one hour presentation, Dr Jesse Green addresses the key points to provide success in one’s general practice to perform aligner therapy profitably and predictably, and to increase the number of aligner cases that a practice is presently doing, not just with external marketing but also “how to find the diamonds in one’s own backyard”.

This is a presentation that should not be missed and should be watched by every dentist as there are so many pearls – as if only 20% are implemented it would change your practice life. This will be the best hour webinar that I have witnessed in the last 10 years, and not one attendee will leave from the time it started to the time it ended.

As always the OrthoED Institute is designed to help you grow through education.

Geoff hall

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