For MiniMasters students
who have a real commitment to excellence...

“Gain unrivalled confidence, uncover unique insights and ask me anything as you and I diagnose and treat my patients, together!”

Dr Geoff Hall

Assess and treat patients shoulder to shoulder with your tutor Dr Hall, where you’ll focus on better patient observation, diagnosis, orthodontic techniques and clinical photography

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential”


  • For our OrthoED MiniMasters students, there’s nothing more valuable than spending 1-1 time with a proven expert in Orthodontics, watching over their shoulder to see how they work.
  • For a limited time - and for just 8 students - you have the opportunity to spend 1 day with Dr Geoff Hall, in his brand new Melbourne office this July 30th, 31st and August 1st, as you watch him diagnose and treat patients, before your very eyes.
  • You can take notes, ask questions and get a rare insight into how a world-leading Orthodontist approaches cases.
  • You’ll finally get to see - in real time - how he applies the same skills, tools and principles that you’ve learnt inside the MiniMasters course.

And that’s



During a brand new 3 day course in Melbourne, you’ll also learn perfect clinical photography, intraoral scanning with trialling 3 different scanners and a world class typodont course from bracket positioning and placement, all archwire adjustments - all the way to finishing and placing bonded retainers, taking your Orthodontic skills and practice to a whole new level.

JOIN US FOR 3 DAYS of eye opening Orthodontic training to learn additional skills, advance your professional career and gain fresh new insights beyond the MiniMasters course!

In July 2021, Dr Geoff Hall is providing in-office training in his newly opened state of the art Orthodontic office in Melbourne helping you gain total confidence in treating real Orthodontic patients, apply what you’ve learnt in the Mini Masters program, advance your skills and perform at the highest level possible as a dentist providing orthodontic care for your patients.


In-Office Training With Dr Hall

Alongside Dr Hall and his highly trained staff, you’ll receive real world class training covering critical aspects of Orthodontic examination, diagnosis and treatment planning for patients who visit his office, including:

  • The Initial examination
  • Diagnostic records
  • Initial bonding with direct and indirect bonding
  • Placement of various appliances
  • Archwire changes
  • Making decisions as to what to do next –in real time
  • Orthodontic finishing
  • Debanding and retention
  • Marketing ideas for your practice

At the end of the day, Dr Hall will discuss each of the patients that were seen, treated and managed, covering the why, how and when, so you can see how to approach real cases, from an expert perspective.

Working alongside Dr Hall, you’ll also learn plenty of new insights, practical tips and tricks that extend beyond the Mini Masters course.

Learn The Secrets To Taking High Quality Dental Photographs That Build Patient Confidence And Produce Better Outcomes, Case After Case.

If you’re still relying mostly on X-rays, or you’ve never had any formal training on clinical digital photography, then this module will open your eyes (and lenses!) to a whole new world of dentistry...


You’ll build confidence with your patients

As a dentist, you strive for the best possible outcomes for your patients… and this starts with a clear picture of what’s going on inside their mouths.

Unfortunately, X-Rays do not show failing restorations, crack lines, wear patterns, the restored nature of teeth or the health issues of soft tissues.

And, without the right techniques and tools, your current digital camera set up might be missing more than you think.


You’ll attract new patients

Nothing shows potential patients your excellent work than a high quality before and after photograph. If the image is too dark, blurry, or even at the wrong angle, it will do little to build confidence in your practice.


You’ll keep better records

For record keeping and legal documentation, high quality photographs are far more preferable to patient notes or X-rays.


You’ll do better at monitoring patient disease

Clear, high quality photographs can identify and track gum disease far more efficiently and reliably than X-rays or clinical notes.


You’ll perform more accurate shade selection

For veneers or implants, shade selection is critical. High quality photos will help prevent lighting issues that can lead to misleading tooth shade appearance, poor selection and an unsatisfactory outcome.

You may already use digital photography equipment in your clinic, but are you getting the best results with it?


You will be able to accurately diagnose orthodontic problems, formulate appropriate treatment plans and plan ideal future mechanics.

Just like any instrument or tool in your office, technology changes over time, along with the ways in which we use it.

Using modern digital photography equipment and the latest techniques will result in clearer communication and better outcomes for your Orthodontic patients, along with improved record keeping and risk management for your practice.

Taught by Peter Sheridan, clinical senior lecturer at Sydney University, leading expert on Clinical Photography and general dentist with over 40 years experience.

Dr Sheridan will show you the right tools and techniques to take high quality digital photographs that capture a face, an arch, a quadrant or a tooth, with the kind of detail that you and your Orthodontic patients and your general dental patients have never seen before.

You’ll learn:

  • Rationale for use – the scope of Clinical Photography
  • Principles and settings
  • Camera choices – body, lens and flash
  • In-camera post-processing… is it possible?
  • Where does the Intra-oral camera and the iPhone fit into Clinical Photography?
  • Accessories – Retractors and mirrors
  • The team – who takes the photos?
  • Positioning and technique (videos)
  • Positioning and technique with hands on practice and guidance
  • Improving patient compliance
  • Data management
  • Achieving quality, consistency and efficiency

You will master all these techniques with live and hands-on workshops where you will be the clinician, the assistant and the patient - helping you understand the responsibilities of each person to achieve consistent high quality photographic images.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to consistently take professional intro and extra-oral images using optimal camera settings, mirrors, retractors and positioning to dramatically improve your dental photography skills.

Dr Peter Sheridan AM BDS MDS FICD

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Sydney University

Peter has been in general dental practice in Macquarie Street Sydney since 1971. He has a Masters degree and is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists. He is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney University and the leading expert on Clinical Photography, giving courses all over Australia for the ADA, Universities and specialist groups. His text book ‘Clinical Photography in Dentistry’ was published by Quintessence in the USA in 2017.

An accredited professional photographer specialising in fine art, Peter is also an internationally respected collector and historian and the author of 3 major reference books on Art Deco design and architecture (Radio Days 2008, Deco Radio 2014, Sydney Art Deco 2019). He was awarded an AM by the Australian government in 2001 for his work with people with Multiple Sclerosis. Peter is an avid tennis player competing here and overseas in Masters’ tournaments.

Intraoral Digital scanning

Would you like to save time and see more patients? Then on day 2, you’ll learn more about intraoral digital scanning for your practice.

Digital scanning is the fastest way to scan a patient. In fact, it takes five minutes! That’s because there’s no impression material used, no sitting around waiting for the PVS to dry, no patient-discomfort and no mess.

Intraoral scanners are also more accurate than analog impressions. By replacing analog impressions with digital scans, you instantly
remove human error, which saves time and money.

And let’s not forget, Intraoral scanning will save you money on PVS material, plaster for models and all those shipping costs
that come with analogue impressions.

Even better, you can store all your models in the cloud or on a hard drive. No more cupboards full of models!

No wonder digital dentistry is in high demand by patients. It’s quicker, more affordable and more comfortable too.

Learning to provide intraoral digital scanning will impress your patients and have them talking and referring others to your practice.

During this module of the 3 day course, we will cover:

  • The cost effectiveness of intraoral scanners
  • How to use 3 different intraoral scanners
  • How to choose the right scanner for your practice
  • Practicing live and hands on with 3 different intraoral scanners

Typodont Training

Learn to treat your patient from start to finish, and perform non extraction therapy in the lower arch and extraction therapy in the upper arch, as if it is a real patient. During this training, you’ll learn to:

  • Start by bonding brackets on a typodont
  • Place the initial wires and see how the teeth move
  • Use auxiliaries as required eg lacebacks, Open Coil Spring, tipbacksprings, canine uprighting springs
  • Continue the levelling and aligning process with progressive archwire sequence
  • Prepare the patient for Upper space closure
  • Be proficient in different space closure techniques
  • Use of elastics as required
  • Use RCOS /ACOS wires
  • Use auxiliary wires if necessary such as high torque wires, negative torque wires
  • Use other auxiliaries such as torquing auxiliaries
  • Perform ideal finishing with braided wires and /or finishing bends
  • Place bonded retainers

Course details

Friday July 30th - Sunday Aug 1st

MP Orthodontics
Level 2 Suite 13
4-10 Jamieson St
Cheltenham 3192 Victoria

Suggested accommodation nearby:
Best Western Plus Buckingham International
1130 Nepean Hwy,
Highett 3190
VIC Australia
Phone: +61 3 9555 0011

Program summary

Friday July 30th - Sunday Aug 1st

Day 1: In-office training with Dr Geoff Hall

Friday July 30th - 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Observation of clinical patients at all different phases of treatment and discussion of all patients

  • MP orthodontics touch points and marketing plan

Day 2: Clinical Digital Photography with Dr Peter Sheridan and Intraoral Digital scanning

Saturday July 31st - 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

  • Hands on photography with Dr Peter Sheridan from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
  • Inra oral Digital scanning Training 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Day 3: Typodont training

Sunday August 1 - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Hands on typodont course from bracket placement to every wire stage of treatment including finishing and placement of bonded retainers.
  • Treat the typodont from start to finish –using all types of wires and mechanics

You will receive:

  • All forms used at MP orthodontics
  • A complimentary copy of Dr Peter Sheridan’s best selling photography book
  • 1 wax typodont
  • All materials for the hands-on course
  • Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch on all 3 days

What is your investment?

Enrollment in this 3 day In office course is $7800 plus GST

Please note, spaces limited to a maximum of 8 doctors. Book now to avoid disappointment.

To enroll in this course, register with the Link below