January Newsletter Case Report

This 11 year old female presents with a mild Class II buccal relationship on her right side with a deep overbite of 6mm and a 4mm overjet. She has some significant crowding in both the upper and lower anterior regions and still has her maxillary right deciduous second molar present with her underlying 15 yet to erupt.

Our orthodontic treatment involved the placement of an upper Nance appliance in conjunction with the removal of the deciduous 55 and upper fixed appliances - to utilize the valuable E space in the upper arch. We were then able to commence lower orthodontic appliances once the 15 was fully erupted and the utilization of Class II intermaxillary elastics.

Over a period of 21 months utilizing our traditional non-extraction approach, we have been able to provide this lovely young lady with an improvement in her buccal relationship, but most importantly, a significant improvement in her upper and lower anterior alignment and an excellent overbite and overjet.

We have achieved an exceptional result with our non-extraction therapy - by utilizing the valuable E space and not allowing that upper right molar to drift forwards.

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