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Occlusion, Orthodontics…

Occlusion, orthodontics and the traditional assesment criteria of the cast radiographic analysis (cre). Orthodontics is a fine balance of science and art. Orthodontic treatment goals can

Long term Dento-skeletal changes

Long term Dento-skeletal changes with the Bionator, Herbst, Twin Block and Mara functional appliances. Siara Olds et al 2010Angle Orthodontist 2010; 80:18-29.The effects of functional appliances

Fixed Retention

INTRODUCTION It has been shown by a number of long-term studies that following a course of orthodontic treatment, relapse occurs in approximately 70% of cases. Some

Important Aspects of Long-Term Stability

Journal of Clinical OrthodonticsBjorn U. Zachrisson, DDS, MSD, PHD  Rotational RelapseBroken Contact Points and Under-correction of RotationsCommon mistake is under-correction of rotations (9/10ths orthodontics)Studies have

Growth and Development

Growth refers to changes in magnitude and size. This is why economists refer to growth of economy when they mean expansion of economy in amount

Orthodontic Procedures after Trauma

Citation: Fields HW, Christensen JR. Orthodontic procedures after trauma. Pediatr Dent. 2013;35(2):175-83.Type of study: Review of current literature ~2013Purpose: To discuss the relationship between oral

Extraction vs Non Extraction Controversy

“To extract or not to extract?” – This question is the most controversial and common question asked when treatment planning an orthodontic case.  This is

Covid And Orthodontics

In these troublesome days where many of us had to close our practices due to stage III restrictions, we are now fortunate (so some say)

Clear Aligners 2021… What does the evidence say?

Improving the predictability of clear aligners.  Bowman, S. Seminars in Orthodontics, 2017 23(1):65-75. Overview of clinical strategies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of clear aligner

Expanded orthodontic training for GP’s

Smilefast educator Dr Geoffrey Hall has developed a comprehensive Mini Masters programme for dentists taking on orthodontics Click Here To Download The Article

Why should GP’s do orthodontics?

“Orthodentist” is an invented word that indicates a dentist who is able to perform orthodontic treatment but not a specialist with restricted scope of practice


Introduction Ankyloglossia is the clinical term for the short lingual frenulum, that restricts the range of motion of the tongue, with prevalence in the population ranging

Mandibular Anterior Alignment

An evaluation of changes in mandibular anterior alignment from I0 to 20 years postretentionLittle et al 1998AJODO 1988 93 423-8The purpose of this study was

Remeineralizing Agents: A Comprehensive Review

Introduction:The process of caries formation is a cycle of remineralization and demineralization with various stages being reversable and others being irreversible.White spot lesions are manifestation

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