Introducing OrthoED Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today.

Mini Masters

5.0 (34 ratings)

  • Build a Solid Foundation in Orthodontics.
  • Properly Diagnose & Execute on Treatment Plans.
  • Become fully proficient when dealing with Orthodontic problems.
  • Gain the Confidence needed to Deliver High  Quality Successful  and Profitable Cases.
  • Receive Full Case Guidance and Support.
  • Mentorship by Dr.Hall.

There are no problems only solutions 

At one stage in my life I would have experienced every problem in orthodontics. Originally, I thought orthodontics could only be performed by a specialist orthodontist – hence my desire to do my speciality training in the USA, nearly 30 years ago. Even in practice I found that what I was taught did not always work properly and some cases went out-of-control, other cases were difficult to finish, some cases just took too long to be profitable. So I commenced a journey to solve all of these problems

Over the last 10 years, I have developed a system and learning approach which makes orthodontics easy to master, easy to implement and provide anyone with the skills to provide orthodontic treatment in their practice to a high standard, predictably, efficiently and profitably

Are you interested in discovering how orthodontics can be integrated into your general practice?

Do you want to learn sound orthodontics and treat your patients with the highest quality outcome, efficiently, predictably and profitably?

You do? Fantastic

Because you are now officially invited to the best orthodontic programme available for general dentists – the OrthoED Mini Masters led by a specialist orthodontist with over 10,000 treated cases.

This 2-year programme is crammed full of sound orthodontic education and no fluff, as we teach you sound principles and systems to master clinical excellence. We will provide you with full mentorship so you have the confidence in starting cases during the course.

The Full Mini Masters Course

The full mini masters course is a live two-year program run by a specialist orthodontist  with eight core modules and backed fully with full case support and mentorship.

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Our objective is to teach Dentists everything you need to know about orthodontics and how to deliver the best quality orthodontic care to patients, predictably, efficiently and profitably.
Regardless of your current position, you can learn everything you need to deliver orthodontics in your general practice and feel confident in treating each and every case.


You will have direct access to Dr Geoffrey Hall and his team. All questions and concerns will be answered and the opportunity for full interaction and interactive learning. There is no question that is either too simple or too difficult to be answered.

Post-Course Videos

Following  each module, all instructional videos will be provided to help you master technical skills of all the procedures taught in the program. Replay them as many times as you wish – provide these for your staff as well to improve their skill level

Detailed course notes

We provide a full course manual with every module you will receive the full presentation as a PDF. This is an excellent way to make notes at the live course and also as a resource to refresh your memory and improve your learning outcome.

Practice resources

Practice resources will be regularly provided to you. You are able to re-brand to fully integrate them into your practice image and we provide you with an abundance of material to help integrate orthodontics into your practice.

Secure online portal

We provide an easy to use secure web-based online portal for general case support and provision of a unique digital computerised indirect bonding service. Patient photos & questions can be loaded visit by visit, and replies all kept and stored chronologically. There is no purchase of software required.

Added extras

Apart from obtaining a recognised Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics, we offer a limited attendance in office immersion program where attendees can see patients being treated live, see excellent orthodontic systems in place and learn more hands on with digital photography and digital scanning. All secrets are shared with you. 

The OrthoED Institute

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The Goal:
Successful High Quality Orthodontics

Course Length:
24 Months

By face to face live sessions or an online program 

What is it?
The OrthoED Mini Masters is the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today.

Who is it for?
The OrthoED Mini Masters is for the Dentist with the desire to perform high quality orthodontics ,dominate their location and run profitable Orthodontics in their practice.

Where does it happen?
The OrthoED Mini Masters is taught face to face in live events and workshops in Australia's capital cities. All modules will also be available online so you will have full access to the course content as it becomes available.

How does it work?
Attend 2-3 day intensive live events in person with Dr Geoffrey Hall and an elite group of Dentists from Australia. Events are recorded and available online. Ask questions on weekly Q&A calls or in a private forum and receive case support and guidance.

When does it start?
This program includes both live in-person events, hands on workshops and online content. You will attend the live events by checking the event schedule below. You can start the training online the moment you enrol.

Why does it exist?
We created The OrthoED Mini Masters program because we wanted to provide the resources & skills needed for Dentists to excel at the highest level in Orthodontics without having to spend years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in University fees.

Read what other dentists are saying about this program.

These are just some of the amazing reviews you can find right now on google when you search for OrthoED.  No Dentist has given us less than 5 stars and they have all loved the training & support provided.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Intensive Face to Face Workshops

Attend live in-person events in Australia. Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, rub shoulders with some of the most successful Dentists in the industry and get access to the most advanced Orthodontic training with Dr Geoffrey Hall .
Most of our workshops run from 2-3 days and a vast majority of them include up to a full day of hands-on learning.

Online e-learning platform

Watch selected training videos in stunning 1080p HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online and complete your Post Graduate assessments from any desktop or mobile
device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like. 

Expert mentorship on demand

You will have direct access to Dr Geoffrey Hall and his team. All questions and concerns will be answered and you will have the opportunity for full interaction and interactive learning. There is no question that is either too simple or too difficult to be answered.

Interactive Dental Community

Join an energetic community of hundreds of Dental entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you. Entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. Get inspired, ask questions, learn from others, generate ideas, make friends, grow your practice and have fun!

Welcome Pack

We ship you a boxset of materials which include lots of helpful tools to enhance your ultimate deep learning experience. Learn Face to Face in our Intensive Workshops, online through the e-learning platform and also through our classic pdf available workbooks.

Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics

The OrthoED Institute's Mini Masters' Program has been accredited and approved to provide a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics from a UK accrediting body, which means that upon completion of this course, you can receive a recognised Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics.

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The OrthoED Institute

5.0 (34 ratings)

  • Live Workshops - Attend live events with an elite group of Dentists.
  • Learn the Most Important Orthodontics Principles & Mechanics.
  • Hands on Learning
  • Gain the Confidence needed to Deliver High Quality Successful and Profitable Cases.
  • Elite Community — Join a small group of elite Dentists.
  • Weekly Q&A's — Ask questions to Dr. Hall directly, every week.
  • Full Case Support and Guidance provided.
  • Exclusive Training — Get access to Geoff's absolute best content.

There are no problems only solutions 

Proven expertise. 

Your tutor, Dr Geoff Hall, is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading Orthodontic educators, having now trained over 700 dentists here in Australia. His principle based teaching is built on 30 years experience as an Orthodontist treating over 10,000 cases.

Predictable outcomes. 

For many, Orthodontics can appear complicated and out of reach. Dr Geoff Hall breaks down each module into simple, easy to absorb lessons that are frequently described as fun and engaging, with clear, predictable outcomes.

Professional advancement.

Gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to revitalise your career, grow your practice and bring a new level of enjoyment to your profession.

Growth through education


See What Our Attendees Have Said About Their Experience!

Becky Chen

Principal Dentist at Ballarat Family Dental

"One of the best things you get is the support, as soon as I started the OthoED Masters Geoff and Robin were holding my hands through the thing , OrthoED will boost your confidence so much more, I have done 10 cases since I started the couse"

John Pohl

Dentist at Hawksburn Village Dental

"The OrthoED course is very comprehensive and it's giving me a very well-rounded idea of the whole Orthodontic discipline. The 5 cases that I have done so far have yielded approximately $25,000 extra to the practice revenue."

David Lee

Principal Dentist at My Hills Dentist

"It all about the teacher and that Is Geoffrey Whole, he stands out from everyone else on the market. Since I started the course 18 months ago, i would have on average 1 Orthodontics case per week with an approximate value of $6,000-$8,000 per case."

Monita Nayak

Dentist at Carnegie Dental Group

"Geoff has the skills to break it down for the General dentist to understand the concepts" It's made a big difference, not only with the finances, but we are now able to approach more patients and attract more patients"

What To Do Next? Easy.

About the Course Instructor,
Dr Geoffrey Hall

Dr Hall has an extreme passion for clinical orthodontics and orthodontic teaching, specialising in adult and child treatment.  His specialties include early treatment, conventional adolescent therapy, short-term orthodontics (Smilefast),  lingual braces,  Invisalign and other aligner systems, and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthognathic surgical cases.

Dr Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education and all backed by over 10,000 cases  and 30 years of orthodontic experience.

The Full Mini Masters Course

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Our Orthodontics Program Can Revolutionize Your General Practice

The Full Mini Masters Course

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