Orthodontic Clinical Proficiency Trip.

Chennai India, 25th - 30th August 2024

Intensive one on one training with University Certificate – fast track your clinical Orthodontic expertise in 5 days.

The OrthoED Institute is excited to provide its students with an overseas opportunity to be part of an inaugural 5-day intensive training program. This year, it is only limited to 10 students who are currently in year 2 studying the Mini Masters course or have previously completed the course. Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity.

The OrthoED Institute’s Dr Geoff Hall and Robyn Wood will be your hosts over the 5 days together with University Professors in Chennai, India.

The itinerary is packed with intense clinical sessions over the 5 days. As a group, we will endeavor to make this trip as enjoyable as possible giving you options to go shopping and / or sightseeing. However, free time will be limited so you may want to add a couple of days to your trip.

Why do the Trip?

  • Gain valuable clinical expertise and learn advanced techniques that will fast track your clinical    experience in Orthodontics.
  • Learn from University Professors in one of the top dental schools in the world.
  • Build confidence in performing the majority of Orthodontic treatments.
  • Intensive hands on over the 5 days at the top dental school in India.
  • Receive a University Certificate for Orthodontic Clinical Proficiency.
  • Stay in 5-star accommodation and experience the ultimate in customer service.

TRIP details

Orthodontic Clinical Proficiency




$18,200 + GST

25th-30th August 2024

University Certificate in Clinical Proficiency

Clinical Activities over the 5 days

  • Performing Orthodontic Records, which includes Digital Cephalometric Tracings and Intra-Oral Scans – x3 Cases
  • Placing Aligners with Attachments - x2 Cases
  • Placement of a Carriere Appliance
  • Place A Removable Functional Appliance i.e. A Twin Block - x1
  • Placing Orthodontic Braces – x3 cases (x2 Self-Ligation & x1 Non Self-Ligation)
  • Performing Archwire Adjustments - x2 Per Day (x1 with Self-Ligation & x1 with Non-Self-Ligation)
  • Performing Aligner Adjustments - x2 Cases
  • Performing Debands & Placing Bonded Retainers - x2 Cases
  • Deliver Fixed Functional Appliances - x2 Cases

Package Inclusions

  • Course Fee for 5 days
  • 6 nights - 5-star accommodation
  • Breakfast daily
  • Daily transfer to and from the University
  • (Airfares not included)

Important Information about this trip

  • Please print your e-tourist visa and list of things to do in Chennai. You may be required to show this at immigration.
  • Once you have collected your bags, please proceed to the exit. We will have arranged the transfer to the hotel for you and they will be waiting to collect you.
  • Please bring your own eye protective glasses, loupes and headlight (if you have one). Please ensure that the battery for the headlight is in your carry-on luggage.
  • Currency can be exchanged at the airport in Australia or Chennai at the hotel.
  • Clothing to wear at the University should be smart, comfortable casual and closed shoes. Scrubs can be worn under surgical gowns if you wish – No shorts or ripped jeans.
  • Transfer from the hotel to the University will be 8:00am daily.
  • Breakfast is included in the cost of the accommodation.
  • Ensure that you stay hydrated with bottled water. Please ensure you drink only bottled water, even for brushing your teeth.
  • Eating outside the hotel is not advised and avoid fresh salads, where possible.
  • Please print off your ticket as you will need to show your return ticket to enter the airport on departure.
  • The hotel will take a security deposit from your credit card when you arrive. Your hotel is already paid for.
  • Please let your bank know you are travelling to India and plan to use your credit card. If you don’t let them know, they may block your card.
  • The amount of currency to convert will depend on your shopping list. I would recommend you bring approximately AUS $300-$400. Meals at the hotel are approximately AUS $30-$40 per meal (Dinner).
  • You cannot purchase a mobile sim in India, unless you have an Indian passport. You can get travel sims in Australia or talk to your current phone provider.
  • Transfer from the University back to the hotel will be at approximately 4:00pm.
  • There is no official lunch break. Please pack a snack from the hotel breakfast.
  • Please store your valuables and passport in the hotel room safe. Do not take your passport out with you.
  • We will create a WhatsApp group before you leave, so you can communicate and make arrangements with each other.