Orthodontic Fundamentals – 1-day course

An introduction to Orthodontics

Is Orthodontics right for me and my practice? Find out what they were afraid to teach you at University in Orthodontics

Why do the course?

This 1-day course is designed for new graduates in your first 10 years of practice to give you a basic understanding of Orthodontics. It would be a great course for experienced dentists who have an interest in Orthodontics, however have been unsure whether it is right for them? It has also been designed for you to:

  • Learn how interesting and how much fun Orthodontics can actually be – unlike what you learnt in University.
  • To learn how easy Orthodontics can actually be if you are taught the fundamentals and taught those properly.
  • Plus it's an easy way to find out if you want pursue more Orthodontic knowledge that will make you a sought after dentist by patients and other dental professionals across Australia.
  • Face-To-Face and Livestream available
  • Location: Chadstone Hotel Melbourne

Course details

Orthodontic Fundamentals




Presenter: Dr Geoff Hall

Friday 28th June, 2024

8 CPD points

What this module covers

  • Overview of the benefits of Orthodontics to your practice and to your patient.
  • Goals of Orthodontic treatment.
  • Early treatment goals and fundamentals of treating Class 2 patients.
  • How do brackets, wires and also aligners work?
  • Choosing the correct aligner company.
  • What are the easy low lying fruit cases with aligners and what are easy and low lying fruit with braces? 
  • How to take your Orthodontics to the next level - choosing the right course?
  • What are the 5 things to look for in an Orthodontic course?
  • When is the right time to start your Orthodontic journey?
  • The upside and downside of Orthodontics – changing practices.


The Livestream option is an exciting educational experience, opening up the opportunity to more passionate and driven dentists to take up the course from their very own homes or workplaces.