Orthodontic Mentoring for General Dentists

The team at Smilefast and OrthoEd, have had a busy two months, with several modules, practice implementation with new OrthoED and Smilefast dental practices and as always supporting all of our dentists in Australia and across the world. Being within a practice (for practice implementation) allows us to personally engage with the dentists and staff in an environment they feel comfortable in. Once comfortable they relax and share what they REALLY need from the course they attend, and number 1 is an Orthodontic Mentor.

General Dentists treating patients with orthodontics has been a revelation for the dental industry. There is a benefit for all involved, patients are offered more locations and in some cases a more affordable option. Dentists are able to care for patients holistically, and with careful case selection and efficient treatment planning it can be a profitable component to their business.

More recently though dentists have struggled in a few areas. They have undertaken a course that has not given them the necessary tools to treat patients, support for treatment cases is limited especially when it comes to finishing a case and finally they want a Mentor with knowledge they can trust, when an issue or situation arises, which we have found to happen more often than not.

With this in mind Dr Hall is working through the final details of a Mentorship program available for all General Dentist. As each practice is different, and each has its own requirements, formulating a program to offer has been challenging!

If you’re interested in the Mentorship program or having an Orthodontic Mentor, send us an email with information about yourself and your practice, and we can let you know how we can help you.

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