Looking for a way to stand out, increase your practice profits and come out of this recession stronger than ever?

In a global recession, you have two choices…

  1. 1
    Stay stagnant, do nothing, cross your fingers and hope.
  2. 2
    Learn a profitable new skill, gain new patients and boost your practice profits when the economy bounces back.

Sadly, many general dentists will choose option 1, blindly hoping that their competitors will do the same.

Newsflash - they won’t.

Smart general dentists are using this once-in-a-lifetime situation as an opportunity to learn orthodontics; a profitable skill that will help them survive the financial storm and bounce back from this recession stronger than ever.

The question is, will you be one of them?

Why orthodontics? Why you? Why now?

3 reasons...

  1. 1
    We’re in a recession. But it won’t be forever.
    As restrictions lift and the economy recovers, the real survivors will be those who can claw back their losses and "accelerate out of the bend" the fastest.
  2. 2
    General dentists face more competition every year.
    With Australia graduating approximately 1,200 new dentists each year - and only 550 dentists retiring in the same time period - how are you going to stand out among this oversupply of general dentists?

    By offering orthodontics, you can stand out with a service that's already in high demand.
  3. 3
    The demand for orthodontics is growing like wildfire.
    As orthodontic treatment becomes faster and more comfortable for patients, the demand continues to rise.

    The Australian market for Clear Aligners is worth around $46 million alone.
    The question is, will you be getting your share?

For these reasons, learning orthodontics could be one of the best decisions you’ll make as a general dentist.

Whether you’d like to learn the basics of orthodontics or you’re already providing treatments but want to increase your current production, efficiency and profitability, the General Dentists Orthodontic Summit will show you how.


General Dentists Orthodontic Summit

A half day “virtual roadshow” teaching you the essentials of clinical and non-clinical orthodontics from the convenience of your home or office.

Saturday 13th February 2021

8.30am - 1.00pm

Thought orthodontics was too hard? Don’t know where to start? Worried about a case going wrong and having to refer it to a specialist?

With the right guidance and support by your side, we’ll show you how easy and profitable orthodontics can be.

Register for the General Dentists Orthodontic Summit to learn from the top experts in the industry.

In this half day event, you’ll learn:

  • Basic orthodontic principles and techniques
  • How to easily introduce orthodontics into your practice
  • Quick and simple systems to attract new patients

Join us on Saturday February 13th 2021 to learn the essentials of orthodontics from the top experts in the industry.

Secure your free ticket - places are limited.

Saturday 13th February 2021 

8.30am - 1.00pm

A “virtual roadshow” where world-class training comes to you.

This half day event features 6 convenient online training sessions delivered by some of Australia’s leading experts.

Learn critical aspects of clinical and non-clinical orthodontics from the leaders in their fields including:

8.30am - Dr Geoffrey Hall

Meet your tutor Dr Geoffrey Hall

8.35am - 9.15am - Dr Geoffrey hall

Breaking down another myth

  • When to extract and when not to extract
  • Management of the typical crowding case
  • Management of the class 2 patient non extraction vs extraction
  • Management of the Class 3 patient non extraction vs extraction

9.20am - 10.00am - Dr Martin Poon

How to evaluate and use your digital simulation for more predictable outcomes

  • What’s real and what’s “cartoonodontics”
  • Using the tooth movements table
  • Using the simulation chair side

10.05am - 10.45am - Mrs Robyn Wood

The three P’s of orthodontics (Processes, Patients and Problems)

  • When is a problem a problem
  • FAQs answered
  • What patients need to know

11.00am - 11.40am - Dr Andrew Dillon

The worn dentition and the ortho restorative interface

  • Horizontal and vertical bruxism and when orthodontics can facilitate restorative rehabilitation
  • Dahl Techniques
  • Treatment sequencing for ortho/restorative cases
  • Occlusal considerations
  • Posterior wear and when and how to restore

11.45am - 12.25pm Mr Angus Pryor

How to increase your positive google reviews

  • Why Google reviews are like oxygen to your business
  • How to boost Google reviews without upsetting AHPRA
  • How to handle the inevitable one-star review

12.30pm - 1.00pm - Dr Geoff hall & Mr Angus Pryor

Why and how should you do more orthodontics

Learn basic orthodontics at your convenience.

Dial in and learn everything you need to know, wherever you are. No flights. No hotels. Learn from the best in the industry without spending time away from your family.

Take a bite out of the competition

Get started on the right track and introduce orthodontics into your practice easy and stress-free.

You’ll soon be learning new skills that will keep your practice moving forwards with today’s rapidly rising demand for orthodontic treatments.

Boost your clinical and non clinical skills, knowledge and confidence, take on cases with confidence, stand out from the fierce general dentistry competition, improve production and bottom line profits.

What previous attendees are saying…

“I found the information so precise and straight to the point.”

- Dr Luma Jabbar

“Really enjoyed Geoff’s lecture about creating space”

- Dr Ian Maratos

“Thank you so much for a great presentation.”

- Dr Sung Khoo

“Loved your course, it has changed my whole practice of ortho”

- Dr Ozair Mohsin

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Saturday 13th February 2021

8.30am - 1.00pm

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We look forward to seeing you on our virtual roadshow and helping you move away from the perils of general dentistry and towards a more profitable practice and happy patients!