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They say no man is an island and this is particularly true when it comes to complex oral health problems.
As dental professionals, we draw a certain level of comfort from seeking guidance from those with more experience and knowledge. It allows us to reassure our patients, as well as ourselves, that the treatment path we have chosen is the correct one.
And nowhere is this more beneficial than in the area of orthodontics where no two cases are the same.

Where to access orthodontic support

Being able to access good orthodontic support where treatment risk versus gain can be adequately measured can prove the difference between a short-term fix or long-term failure.
As a career orthodontic specialist and the founder of numerous national dental education groups, I have always believed it imperative that the Smilefast system I developed delivers much more than just a product that dentists and doctors access to help align their patient’s teeth. Instead my team and I have worked hard at ensuring it offers a comprehensive all-inclusive system where both the patient and the treating practitioner feel they are adequately supported in their decision-making process and ongoing treatment in order to achieve the best outcome.

How does our support system work?

This support takes many forms, but by far the most popular one has been the complimentary Smilefast online portal. This is a secure on line platform which dentists can load their photographs and associated case notes for review by specialist orthodontists.
In some cases, this initial approach is followed by a visit to the treating clinic where any other concerns or questions the treating dentist may have can be addressed in person.
We also offer a telephone enquiry service, where dentists can talk through their issues and be given an immediate response from a clinic coordinator.
In some of the more complex cases, our specialists will follow up with an in-clinic consultation. This offers a more personable service where processes such as the 3D imaging to identify precise bracket position can be shown first hand, similar to a university tutorial.

Building a community

For those who are a little reticent to be seen receiving specialist consultations or others who prefer a less intrusive method of support delivery, we are in the process of amending the forum to allow group consultations whereby the treating practitioner can upload their notes as case studies and seek feedback from fellow more experienced dentists. We hope to have this offering up and running within the next six months.
Perhaps the biggest advantage to the orthodontic support structure that Smilefast offers is due to the fact we are an Australian company and therefore in a position to offer a real-time response. The person you speak to on the phone is more than likely the same consultant who will come and visit you in your clinic—whether your practice is in Darwin or Dubbo.


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