Introducing OrthoED Mini Masters:

OrthoED’s Mini Masters is a fully accredited 2-year orthodontics course with an optional diploma. Using comprehensive and sound principle-based training, GP’s will learn to think for themselves, treat a range of cases, and foresee problems before they arise.

GP’s will also receive ongoing case support from our myth-busting orthodontist, Dr Geoffrey Hall. So at the end of the course, they will be fully equipped to complete cases more efficiently, confidently, and with predictable outcomes every time.


Mini Masters 2025


Pay $1,583
now with
nothing to pay
until 2025





  • Access to the module 1 recording prior to the course commencement valued at $1,999.
  • Complimentary entry to the 2-day Orthodontic MasterClass Workshop valued at $2,489.
  • Complimentary registration for the Certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy valued at $3,000.
  • Receive a Marketing Pack that will assist your practice valued at $1,999.
  • A Holiday voucher valued at $1,299.


ONLY the first 30 Registrants will receive the $11,886 worth of value. To receive the 2024 pricing, you must register for the 2025 - 2026 Mini Masters course between the 1st June and 30th June 2024.

Download a brochure

Get immediate access to our course brochure so you've got all the details at your fingertips.

OrthoED Mini Masters is a proven, fully accredited 2 year course that will allow you to deliver predictable, efficient, high quality and profitable orthodontic treatments for your patients.

It covers 9 modules, delivered by world-leading, myth busting orthodontist Dr Geoff Hall, who brings 33 years of experience in completing over 12,000 cases.

The course is fully backed with full case support and mentorship to give you the confidence to take on more cases and see predictable outcomes, every time.

  • Build A Solid Foundation In Orthodontics.
  • Properly Diagnose & Deliver Treatment Plans
  • Save Time And Money On Every Orthodontic Case
  • Complete Cases Quickly And Successfully, Allowing You To Take On More Cases And Grow Your Bottom Line
  • Gain The Confidence To Deliver High-quality, Successful And Profitable Cases
  • Attract More Word Of Mouth Referrals, A Stronger Reputation And Grow A Profitable Practice
  • Receive Full Case Guidance And Support From Dr.Hall, The “Myth Busting Orthodontist” With Over 30 Years of Specialist Orthodontist Experience and 10000 treated cases
  • Gain a Diploma To Win Trust With Patients
  • Choice of face to face learning or livestream with online support during each session

Act fast! Last year's program sold out 2 months early.

What will you learn?


Diagnosis, treatment planning, risk management, and the art of excellent case presentation


Conventional and unconventional straight wire mechanics – orthodontic biomechanics, straight wire philosophy and mechanics, and ideal case finishing.

Module 2 - Part 1
Orthodontic brackets, wires, auxiliaries, bracket placement and Indirect bonding and Biomechanics

Module 2 - Part 2
Orthodontic bracket prescriptions, Risk analysis, Orthodontic mechanics for Nonextraction and Extraction cases, The new patient exam, Orthodontic records, Marketing and Practice integration


Early orthodontic treatment, including facial growth and dental development


Clear Aligner therapy - Master the essentials for predictable, efficient, profitable and high quality outcomes


Aesthetic and accelerated orthodontics, TMJ and sleep apnoea


Advanced biomechanics – management of Class 1 malocclusions non extraction and extraction, management of Class 2 malocclusions non extraction and extraction


Management of severe skeletal and dental discrepancies


IDT and management of difficult orthodontic problems and malocclusions, Digital Smile Design (DSD)


Advanced Aligner Course

What will you gain from taking this course?

It’s more than a certificate on the wall to win trust with patients. At the end of this training, you’ll have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, underlying principles and practical implementation of orthodontic treatment at every stage…

…empowering you to treat patients with total confidence, successfully completing cases, gaining new referrals, and earning yourself a stellar reputation as the local Dentist that patients trust for the orthodontic needs for themselves and their families.

Affordable orthodontics for every dentist

We created The OrthoED Mini Masters program because we wanted to provide the resources & skills needed for Dentists to excel at the highest level in orthodontics without having to spend a hundred thousand dollars or even more in University fees and being without a normal dental income for 3 years.

Geoff Teaching
Woman raising hand

No previous experience needed

The Mini Masters program has helped hundreds of general dentists who have struggled or avoided orthodontic cases and allowed them to diagnose, treat and complete cases successfully to the highest of orthodontic outcomes . With hands-on support, in-depth training and a plethora of resources, you can too.

Gain unbreakable confidence to take on orthodontic cases - before the course is even finished!

Dr Hall provides sound principles, challenges myths and simplifies orthodontics, giving you total confidence to put what you’ve learnt into practice. In fact, 70% of students are billing significant amounts shortly after commencing the program.

World-leading tuition

Your course instructor is Dr Geoff Hall, pioneer and myth-busting orthodontist with 33 years’ experience in treating 12,000 cases, now considered the leading orthodontic educator for general dentists through The OrthoED Institute.

Over 800 dentists have successfully completed OrthoED’s training in Australia. They describe Dr Hall’s program as an engaging, relevant, lively and fun learning environment where general dentists with prior or even no previous experience can take their orthodontic skills and knowledge to the next level, and feel totally confident in treating the entire range of orthodontic problems either with fixed appliances or aligners.

Enjoy hands-on support from leading experts

"Geoff has always been available when I've had a question to ask, whether it be a new case or follow up on a case. Just have that sounding board, I think that's been the best thing."

William Pham

Graceville, QLD

“Geoff and Robyn are so helpful because if I need some advice on what I should do, they quickly get onto it and help me out. They have a messaging system and reply back pretty much straight away which is very, very handy.”

Abhinav Sharma

Gympie, QLD

We understand that many dentists are worried about an orthodontic case going wrong, then having to refer their patient to an orthodontic expert and coming under fire from AHPRA.

With OrthoED, we provide you with the hands-on support so that you can confidently take on and complete cases successfully, and only refer the most difficult cases to an orthodontist.

By having someone you can turn to and trust when an issue or situation arises, you’ll never have to worry about getting backlash from AHPRA.

Support includes:

  • Optional 1 on 1 diagnosis, and treatment planning sessions (1hr.) We don’t expect you to learn through vague PDF handouts. We’ll talk you through procedures, techniques and tools in person, so you know exactly what to do, every step of the way.
  • Case support from a specialist orthodontist. Enjoy a complimentary assessment  where Dr Hall will help you assess a case and whether it can be taken on successfully, along with ongoing recommendations and feedback to ensure the case is completed efficiently and successfully.
  • Full admin support. We provide you with all the contracts, consent forms, quotations and other essential paperwork, saving time and hassle when introducing new treatments.
  • Staff admin training programs. Our onsite and offsite training programs help bring your team up to speed, making it easier than ever to implement orthodontics into your practice.
  • Full clinical training video library. Stay up to date and refresh your skills at your convenience with our world-class video training at your fingertips.
  • Real case support from real people. All cases are stored on our secure  portal and ready to discuss with a real person, whenever you need a second opinion or hands-on support.
  • Support packages available when the course is done. At OrthoED, we have a commitment to lifelong learning and that means giving you the support options you need for years to come.

With this support, you can take on cases with total confidence, achieving excellent outcomes every time and implementing orthodontics into your practice with ease.

Act fast! Last year's program sold out 2 months early.

Where does it happen?

The OrthoED Mini Masters is taught face to face in live events and workshops in Australia's capital cities. Alternatively, you can livestream the sessions from wherever you have an internet connection. After the live event, all modules will also be available online as a full recording so you will have full access to the course content, even after the live event .So anything you didn't understand or need further clarification about is just a click away and on hand at any time !!

How does it work?

Attend live face to face events with Dr Geoffrey Hall and an elite group of Dentists from Australia, or get the feeling of being in the room (without the travel) with livestream - enjoy online support during each session. Events are recorded and available as recordings online. Ask questions on weekly Q&A calls or in a private forum and receive full case support and guidance.

When does it start?

This program includes both live face to face in-person events, hands on workshops and recorded online content. You can start the training online the moment you enrol with our Complimentary Module 1 full recording.  For the livestreaming program, all but 1 1/2 days each year of education can completed remotely.  You'll need to attend live for a 1 1/2 day workshop each year to build your skills and be assessed against hands-on components, if you elect to complete the diploma.


Enrol In OrthoED’s Mini Masters 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma For 2022 And Receive over $5700 Worth Of Early Bird Special Deals!

Enrolment is OPEN

Be one of the next 10 students to enrol and you’ll receive $5700 worth of early bird special bonuses including

Holiday voucher (Value $1200)

Get away from it all with 5 days and 4 nights accommodation worth $1200!

Drive or fly to Australia's iconic holiday destinations - from bush to the bright lights of the capital cities…

… or if you’d prefer to wait for international travel to open, enjoy a cheeky overseas escape to an idyllic location in Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui, Fiji or Vanuatu!

2 Day Advanced Aligner Module (Value $3000)

In this bonus training, you’ll learn advanced techniques to bring more patients into your practice, tackle more complex cases with total confidence and provide world-class results for your patients.

Before and after cases album (Value $1500)

This picture album is your ready-made marketing tool to help you attract, educate and convert more patients and increase your bookings.

It features professional before and after pics of various malocclusions and treatments, showing patients the results and what they can expect.

This album can be used for a wide variety of marketing purposes - adverts, blog posts, in-practice handouts, emails and more.

Early access to Module 1 online (Invaluable offer)

You don’t - and shouldn’t - have to wait until you’ve completed the course to take
on cases.

In our experience, we find that doctors who treat patients as early as possible, during their education, are often the most successful.

Having early access to module 1 will help you to start finding the right patients ready to treat. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to diagnose and plan treatments!

In this pre-recorded training module, you’ll get a headstart on your orthodontic education by understanding what you don’t know, including:

  • Key aspects to consider during the orthodontic clinical examination.
  • The importance of developing a problem list and setting the goals of treatment to help you make the right decision (and formulate the best treatment plan).

That’s a total value of $5700 in early bird specials!

And it’s all yours FREE if you’re one of the next 10 people to enrol in 2022’s Mini Masters 2 Year Postgraduate Diploma.

Enrol today and enjoy full access to our ortho training portal where you’ll find bonus content, resources and exclusive deals for students that you can start using today!

What's Included

  • Intensive Face to Face Workshops

Attend live in-person events in Australia. Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, rub shoulders with some of the most successful Dentists in the industry and get access to the most advanced orthodontic training with Dr Geoffrey Hall.

Most of our workshops run from 2-3 days and a vast majority of them include up to a full day of hands-on learning.  As an alternative to the face to face workshops, you can livestream most sessions and enjoy online support at that time, as though you are in the room.

  • Online e-learning platform

Watch full video recordings of our modules in stunning 1080p HD. Even complete your assessments from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

  • Expert mentorship on demand

You will have direct access to Dr Geoffrey Hall and his team. All questions and concerns will be answered and you will have the opportunity for full interaction and interactive learning. There is no question that is either too simple or too difficult to be answered.

  • Interactive dental community

Join an energetic community of hundreds of Dental entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you. Entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. Get inspired, ask questions, learn from others, generate ideas, make friends, grow your practice and have fun!

  • Welcome pack

We ship you a boxset of materials which include lots of helpful tools to enhance your ultimate deep learning experience. Learn Face to Face in our Intensive Workshops, online through the e-learning platform and also through our classic pdf available workbooks.

  • Diploma in orthodontics

The OrthoED Institute's Mini Masters' Program has been accredited and approved to provide a Diploma in Orthodontics from a UK accrediting body, which means that upon completion of this course, you can receive a recognised Diploma in Orthodontics. A Certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy is also available .

  • Pre-course education (and other bonuses)

If you're ready to get cracking now, then you'll enjoy over 50 hours of pre-course education from Dr Geoff Hall once you register.  On top of that, you'll get a nice collection of bonuses as listed below.

Quite simply, there’s nothing else like it.

  • Live Workshops - Attend live events with an elite group of Dentists - or enjoy the convenience of livestreaming for all but 1 1/2 days of the course each year.
  • Learn the Most Important Orthodontics Principles & Mechanics.
  • Hands on Learning
  • Gain the Confidence needed to Deliver High Quality Successful and Profitable Cases.
  • Elite Community - Join a small group of elite Dentists.
  • Weekly Q&A's - Ask questions to Dr. Hall directly, every week.
  • Full Case Support and Guidance provided.
  • Exclusive Training - Get access to Geoff's absolute best content.

Is this right for you?

If you've ever wanted to learn orthodontics with fun, engaging and easy to understand training, where you'll learn essential orthodontic theory, principles, case studies and practical application...

... allowing you to deliver orthodontic treatments to the highest possible standard, case after case, and become one of the most in-demand, trusted and highest-earning dentists in your local area...

... then the answer is YES, this is right for you.

“It’s really about the teacher… and I believe that Geoff Hall stands above the other education out there”

“It’s really all about the teacher, and that’s Geoff Hall, and I believe that he stands above the other orthodontic education delivery systems out there. Very informative, very usable in a sense. You would leave with new information, and something else that you could apply directly to the patients that you’re seeing now. Since I started the course 18 months ago, I would have on average one ortho case a week, with approximate case value of six to eight thousand per case.”

Dr David Lee - NSW

“I learnt more in two days with Geoff than I did in two years with other teachers…”

“I have done numerous other orthodontic courses - I thought I understood orthodontics. I learnt more in two days with Geoff Hall than I did in two years with other teachers. He constantly challenges the myths that have been created and makes one fully understand the principles so I can evaluate and treat all cases now without unwanted side effects arising in treatment. His vast experience and knowledge and passion to teach makes this a supreme program. Thank you Geoff and Robyn for bringing this to Australia and changing my clinical life.”

Dr SM - WA

Ready to enjoy bigger profits, happier patients, more referrals and greater job satisfaction?

If you've always wanted to learn orthodontics but always felt that it was out of reach and only for specialists...

... or you've been put off by poor training previously and/or unsatisfactory cases...

... this is your chance to join hundreds of other OrthoED students who are now adding an extra $5000, $12000 or even $24,000 in profits for their practice every month.

“I’ve started five cases, worth $40,000”

“Since starting the course, I’ve started probably about five very comprehensive orthodontic cases, which I would have previously referred off, which is worth around $40,000”

Greg Thomas - QLD

“Since I started OrthoED, I’ve commenced 50 cases, each worth $7,000”

“Since I started OrthoED, I've commenced about 50 cases, and each case has been worth on average about $7,000. So that's the production of $350,000”

George Gibson - VIC

... and it’s more affordable than you think!

In the past, learning orthodontics meant long-winded, expensive and inconvenient university courses...

... or taking courses across the other side of the world...

... racking up huge bills for hotel rooms and flights...

... while being away from your family for weeks on end.

Not anymore!

OrthoED is coming to a location near you(and also LiveStreamed) , bringing you the most convenient, cost-effective opportunity to learn

What makes OrthoED’s training the #1 choice for over 800 Aussie dentists?

Proven expertise.

Your tutor, Dr Geoff Hall, is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading orthodontic educators, having now trained over 800 dentists here in Australia. His principle based teaching is built on 33 years experience as an Orthodontist and having completed over 12,000 cases.

Predictable outcomes.

For many, orthodontics can appear complicated and out of reach. Dr Geoff Hall breaks down each module into simple, easy to absorb lessons that are frequently described as fun and engaging, with clear, predictable outcomes.

Professional advancement.

Gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to revitalise your career, grow your practice and bring a new level of enjoyment to your profession.

Don’t get left behind. 

Let 2024 be the year that you finally add profitable, enjoyable, predictable and exciting orthodontic treatments to your practice!

Act fast! Last year's program sold out 2 months early.

Wanting to find out more? Book a free discovery call with OrthoED

During this no obligation complimentary 45-minute call, our team will answer any questions you have about learning and implementing orthodontics in your practice quickly, easily,predictably and profitably. This is not a sales call. You’re under no obligation during or after our chat.

Enjoy these benefits from enroling in the Mini Masters 2024 course:

  • World class orthodontic education program developed and delivered by Dr Geoff Hall, a specialist orthodontist with over 33 years of clinical experience and having completed over 12,000 cases.
  • Over 25 full days of live in person education equating to over 170 hours of face to face training - or take advantage of the convenience of livestreaming. Over 520  CPD points for the entire course
  • Complimentary online case support through the members only web-based portal for the first 18 months
  • A plethora of resources on the the web-based portal to allow yourself and your practice to be taken to the next level in the delivery of orthodontic care to their patients
  • Quarterly Zoom calls with Robyn Wood for practice staff to help with integration of orthodontics into the practice
  • 6 x 60 minute webinars per year with a combination of orthodontic topics and other subject matter with renowned experts in practice management and other dental areas
  • Access to weekly question and answer sessions
  • Hands on training at face to face lectures
  • Access to extensive resources, including practice management documentation, spreadsheets, how to videos, and reference articles
  • Renowned experts as guest lecturers
  • Access to discounted brackets including self ligation bracket systems
  • Ability to retake the live modules at a significantly reduced fee
  • Free access to recorded online modules
  • Optional Staff training day held in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney
  • Optional training in your own practice for yourself and/or staff
  • Optional upgrade path to obtaining a Diploma of orthodontics or Certificate in Clear aligner Therapy 
  • Hygienists or Therapists can attend individual aligner  modules
  • Ability to extend course over 3 years at no additional fee
  • 520 CPD points

Our fully accredited course offers you a diploma to boost your credibility and build trust with patients.

Unlike other orthodontic training, The OrthoED Institute has been accredited and approved as a EduQual training centre.

Additionally, The OrthoED Mini Master's program has been approved to provide a Diploma in Orthodontics (EduQual Level 7-) from the UK accrediting body.

Which means we can now offer you the chance to obtain a diploma in orthodontics, helping you to gain deeper knowledge, establish stronger credibility, win trust and attract more patients.

(Please note - the Diploma in orthodontics is only available to students of the 2 year full Mini Masters Program.)

There is also the option to receive a certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy - please speak to Robyn to  have all of your questions answered 

Female smiling clinic

“The support for this course is way above anything else I've done. Geoff is very generous; he cares what we need to learn and Robyn’s amazing. For anything you need to know, they’ll be right back at you with the answer.”

Keith Doonan

Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Geoff is very generous with his time and knowledge, and the great thing about OrthoED is the fact that Geoff does mentor you for every case and you can ask him any question, he's happy to help you out."

Shaun Weng

Sydenham, VIC

Course fees

Full Mini Masters Modules 1 – 9 (2 years)

$30,300 + GST
Diploma in Orthodontics $5500 + GST

  • 520 hours CPD
  • 6 Webinars each year
  • 18 months complimentary case support

Payment options

OPTION 1 – Full upfront payment

Only $30,300 + GST when paid in full

OPTION 2 – No deposit + monthly payment for 24 months

24 equal monthly payments of $1,356 + GST

To partake in the extra stream to obtain a Diploma in Orthodontics, there is an additional fee of $5,500 + GST.

Register now to secure your official bonuses which will include:

Access to Module 1 online recording on registration

You don’t - and shouldn’t - have to wait until you’ve completed the course to take on cases

The most successful students are the Drs who begin treating patients from the beginning of the program. Having early access to the Module 1 recording will assist you with the patient selection criteria, in preparation for diagnosing and treatment planning your first patient on completion of this module with our support in readiness to commence active treatment on completion of Module 2.2.

In this pre-recorded training module, you’ll get a headstart on your orthodontic education by understanding what you don’t know, including:

  • Key aspects to consider during the orthodontic clinical examination
  • The importance of developing a problem list and setting the goals of treatment to help you make the right decision (and formulate the best treatment plan.)

So, why wait?

Enrol today and in 2024 you could be learning exciting new skills, offering profitable orthodontic treatments, advancing your career and standing out from the ever growing competition…

… all within a fun, engaging learning environment like you’ve never experienced before.

You will enjoy fun, engaging and easy to understand theory, principles, case studies and practical application.

On successful completion of the course, you can be awarded a diploma in orthodontics, helping you win trust with new and existing patients and feel even more confident in tackling most orthodontic cases.

About the Course Instructor, Dr Geoffrey Hall

Dr Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education and all backed by over 12,000 cases and 33 years of orthodontic experience.

"As I'm sure you can appreciate, adding orthodontic treatment to your practice is a fantastic way to stand out from the growing competition, increase profitability, boost inbound referrals and stop losing patients by referring them to experts." - Dr Hall.

Geoff Pic

It’s also a great way to put the fun back into your career with a rewarding skill that you can learn unbelievably quickly, thanks to Dr Hall’s world-class training.

So, whether you’re feeling like orthodontics is too difficult, or you’ve struggled to finish cases successfully in the past, we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get ready to learn exciting new skills, profitable new treatments, advance your career and stand out from the ever growing competition…

… all within a fun, engaging learning environment like you’ve never experienced before.

At the end of this training, you’ll have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, underlying principles and practical implementation of orthodontic treatment at every stage…

… empowering you to treat patients with total confidence, successfully completing cases, gaining new referrals, and earning yourself a stellar reputation as the local dentist that patients trust to perform orthodontics on themselves or their family..

Secure your spot, before it's too late! (Places are limited)

Act fast! Last year's program sold out 2 months early.

OrthoED training is in high demand and spaces are often taken within minutes of going on sale. Complete the form below to secure your spot.

Other training options...

We have other training packages including Aligner education (a certificate in clear aligner therapy is now availble) that do not offer a diploma

Please call 1 300 073 427  for more details 


“Geoff breaks it down and makes it simple for general dentists to understand the concepts of orthodontics and attract more patients…”

Monita Nayak

Carnegie, VIC

“If Geoff says something will work, it will work…”

Virginia Williams

Ballarat, VIC

"Able to treat my patients in a more comprehensive way, doing things I never thought I'd be able to do..."

Dina Katrivesis

Doncaster East, VIC

"No course matches the level given by Dr Geoff Hall and Robyn. Comprehensive course and level of support is second to none."

John Pohl

Toorak, VIC

Get ready to advance your career, grow your practice and have fun learning something new!

Enjoy vibrant, engaging and memorable lessons from a teacher who understands the science of learning better than most.

So, whether you're worried you "can't..."

... or you've had poor learning experiences in the past...

... you can safely leave it all behind, and finally learn from the best in the industry.

Absorb each lesson in bitesize chunks...

... gain context through examples and case studies...

... apply what you've learnt in hands-on sessions...

... get feedback and support...

... and learn how to think through problems and solutions on your own two feet, when you're ready.

And perhaps most importantly of all, have fun learning a profitable new skill, from a teacher who knows how to teach through the power of stories, humour, visual aids and carefully paced learning.

And it's all happening right on your doorstep...

OrthoEd training is in high demand and spaces are often taken within minutes of going on sale. Complete the form below to secure your spot.

  • No need to fly overseas.
  • No expensive hotel rooms.
  • No long periods away from your loved ones.

Instead, we're bringing the world's best orthodontic education and tutors to your doorstep.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to complete your payment. We will contact you to confirm dates & venues in the coming months. Once payment is complete, you’ll select which modules you can attend in 2024 then you will receive an email confirmation with a tax receipt, event details, venue locations and additional information.  Alternatively, you can enjoy livestreaming from wherever you have an internet connection.

We look forward to seeing you in 2024, where you’ll finally learn how to provide predictable, efficient, high quality orthodontic outcomes for your patients and also add a profitable income stream for your practice.

Register now to secure your official launch bonuses - which also include  A holiday voucher valued at $1,200 to great resorts in the world and IMMEDIATE access to the Mini Masters Module 1 online recording.

Act fast! Last year's program sold out 2 months early.