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“Once you stop learning, you start dying”

- albert Einstein

Hi there,

As a graduate of the OrthoED MiniMasters course, I already know that you’re not like most dentists.

I know that you’re passionate about your work.

That you’re motivated to advance your career.

That you care deeply about your patients.

And that you’re not content with staying still, while your competitors can’t keep up with you.

Which brings you here today.

Because just like Albert Einstein, you realise that education is not a “one-off” event.

It’s an ongoing investment in yourself, your patients and all of the other people who rely on you every day.

The MiniMasters program has given you the perfect grounding to provide Orthodontic treatment at a very high standard.

Now it’s time to see how much further you can go in your career, with your practice, and for your patients.

"Brilliant day. It was great to look at all the different cases that Geoff and other dentists had and discuss treatment plans. Fantastic! Definitely highly recommended."

Monita Nayak


OrthoED Platinum Alumni

MiniMasters Alumni Annual Membership

The newly introduced OrthoED Platinum Alumni Annual Membership provides you with everything you need to master further clinical orthodontic excellence.

Whether it’s heavily discounted retakes of specific MiniMasters course modules…

… brand new online training sessions for ultimate convenience…

… or a whole new level of support…

… the OrthoED Platinum Alumni annual membership provides you with a robust learning portal that’s packed with up to date discoveries, a buzzing community, dedicated support and training.

It is your ultimate resource center to continually provide the highest quality orthodontic care for your patients. Predictably, efficiently, confidently and profitably.

Your annual membership includes:

Access to online individual case support

(RRP $2,400 per year)

Are those difficult cases keeping you up at night?

Maybe you’re losing patients (and money) because you’re not confident to start more complex cases?

The number one question we get asked about our programs is regarding the support you get.

As an OrthoED Platinum Alumni member, you’ll have Dr Geoff Hall’s priority support whenever you need it…

… so you can tackle any case with confidence and get the kind of results that will leave your patients delighted (and referring others to you like never before!)

Get the answers, insights and feedback of your cases so you can continually deliver world-class orthodontic treatments with total confidence.

Find out what you could do better next time, and how to avoid problems.

Redo live training courses for just $150 per day*

(Normal average price $3,400 per module)

You’ll have first-priority access to all of our live training events throughout the year, without any of the regular fees. You simply pay $150 per day to cover the catering costs*.($350 for a hands on session)

This is your perfect opportunity to revisit specific subjects, brush up your skills and maintain true excellence in your practice.

Throughout the year, first-priority access gives you availability to any of our courses including:

  • Diagnosis, treatment planning, risk management, and case presentation 3 days
  • Conventional and unconventional straight wire mechanics – Orthodontic biomechanics, straight wire philosophy and mechanics, and ideal case finishing 2 days
  • Orthodontic bracket placement, digital indirect bonding. The new patient examination, record taking, retention and integration and marketing of orthodontics into a general Practice 2 days
  • Early Orthodontic treatment, including growth and dental development 2.5 days
  • Aligner Essentials 3 days
  • Aesthetic and accelerated orthodontics, TMJ and sleep apnoea 2.5 days
  • Advanced biomechanics – Management of Class 1 malocclusions non extraction and extraction, management of Class 2 malocclusions non extraction and extraction 2.5 days
  • Management of severe skeletal and dental discrepancies 2.5 days IDT and management of difficult orthodontic problems and malocclusions, DSD 2.5 days

As you know, live courses usually start at around $3400. As a Platinum member, you’ll only need to pay $150 per day to cover catering costs. To participate in the hands on component for any module, additional fees may apply*.

“What a fantastic day! So many interesting cases! Will definitely come next year! Love it!”

Kim Dang

“An amazing day amongst ortho enthusiastic, great knowledge interchange, days like this make dentistry more fun.”

Lina Maria Idarraga

Complete Library of OrthoED Video Courses

(Normal price $11,500)

Enjoy ongoing access to all of Dr Geoff Hall’s online video courses where you can refresh your knowledge in all aspects of Orthodontics.

Whether you’re recapping fundamentals, or you’re learning about brand new insights and techniques, it’s all here, at your fingertips, on demand 24/7.

Bonus patient vault cases and additional learning materials

(Normal price Invaluable)

Enjoy ongoing training and insights from the real world of Orthodontics, through patient case studies and fresh new learning materials throughout the year.
They even evaluate and critique articles along with other practitioners' case reports. Full cases are added on a monthly basis.

Never has anyone been able to deliver this type of content before, and this exclusive, cutting edge training is valued at $4000 per month.

However, the full recordings are all available to you as part of your membership!

BONUS: exclusive to OrthoED Platinum Alumni members

With our new “Listen to the experts “ you’ll hear how Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Martin Poon diagnose a case step by step, risk manage, and formulate a treatment plan with mechanotherapy to obtain the most predictable and efficient orthodontic outcomes.

Access to all 6 evening training webinars

(Normal value $1,200)

These action packed webinars will cover a wide range of topics from the experts in their respective fields along with generous Q&A sessions, to help you run and grow your practice efficiently, profitably and enjoyably.

In 2020 we had the following dedicated webinars for OrthoED attendees and the elite OrthoED Platinum Alumni group.

  • Marketing your practice: Essential steps to recruit quality patients, with Dr Jesse Green (Thursday 23 April 7 pm)
  • Periodontal issues and Periodontal management of the orthodontic patient, with Dr Adam Rosenberg (Wednesday 6 th May 7pm)
  • Early orthodontic treatment: What you need to know to make Early treatment rewarding for yourself,your patient and your practice, with Dr Geoff  Hall (June)
  • TMJ and bruxism with Dr Harry Ball (July)
  • What's new in orthodontics: Digital orthodontics and DIY systems with Dr Geoff Hall (August)
  • Corporate dentistry – the good, the bad and the ugly with Mr Simon Palmer (October)

Brand new webinars for 2021

Our aim is to provide regular exclusive webinars that will keep your knowledge at the cutting edge in all aspects of dentistry, all from the convenience and comfort of your home or office.

In 2021, you’ll have 8 exclusive invites to attend a range of new webinars including:

  • An update on Sleep Disorders and how to deal with them
  • The 3 biggest mistakes in doing Maryland bridges and anterior implants
  • How to drive more orthodontic patients into your practice
  • The use of elastics in Orthodontics
  • Standard imaging for orthodontics – what can you really see
  • Dento- alveolar trauma and how to manage it
  • What can you really see from a CBCT and when should it be utilized
  • A critical assessment of a lateral ceph and its analysis

Exclusive Platinum support events

(Normal price $4,200)

Join fellow OrthoED Platinum Alumni members for a private,exclusive 1 day programme in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, where you can troubleshoot your biggest problems, get feedback and 1-1 advice, industry updates and some moral support from your teachers, mentors and fellow classmates.

In this one day program in each location

  • One interesting case or updated cases from Dr Hall
  • The opportunity to bring your own cases for group discussion and feedback
  • Your biggest questions answered , during a 1hr - 1.5hr presentation by Dr Hall. Ask him anything you need help with and get answers on the spot. Learn from other people’s questions and answers too.

Dates for 2021 Platinum day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

  • Melbourne - Wednesday  26 August
  • Sydney - Wednesday 9 September
  • Brisbane - Wednesday 21 October

Come to one event or all. It”s all included in the Platinum membership program and is exclusive to members in the OrthoED Platinum Alumni program.

If you redo just one module a year,

the total value is   $22,200

But, you also get...

Access to The OrthoED forum

Be part of our exclusive online forum --share ideas ,cases and questions with like minded dentists.

Get feedback on your ideas and experiences and help others do the same.

Work in synergy with others --What you may not know --with our group of entrepreneurial, high end intelligent dentists --there will be someone out there who has the answers you need.

Access to the OrthoED Preferential Super Supplier Scheme

We have sourced the best suppliers of products and services in every field to provide our elite group with preferential pricing and offerings.

The combined value of all of the offers under this scheme is literally tens of thousands of dollars and you get to pick what suits you best.

The suppliers represented cover a wide range of services and products impacting clinical and non-clinical aspects of practice life. As part of OrthoED Platinum Alumni, you get to enjoy exclusive offers from:

  • Gunz Dental
  • OrthoED Symposiums
  • Dental Marketing Solutions
  • Nexsys HLTH Computer IT Services
  • Digital Smile Design (DSD) Labs
  • Complete Aligner Treatment Planning service (CAPS)
  • Medifit Practice Design
  • Savvy Dentist
  • Race Dental Laboratory
  • Connected Accounts Bookkeeping Services
  • MySmile SIM
  • Boutique Whitening
  • Dental Boss Lead Generation
  • OrthoMax
  • Experien Insurance Services
  • Dental Axess

Details of the specific offers are HERE.

To join OrthoED Platinum Alumni, here’s what to do next…

Step 1

Go to the registration page and Enter your details. Ensure the email address you provide is the address you wish to receive all emails and information from OrthoED

Step 2

Complete your payment

Step 3

Receive your welcome email with event dates, login details and full instructions on how to access each component of your annual membership.

That’s it! In minutes from now, you can access all of the great material for the OrthoED Platinum Alumni membership group and also be rubbing shoulders with fellow dentists who demand excellence…

… while enjoying all of the dedicated 1-1 and group support, follow up training, latest developments and access to all OrthoED courses throughout the year, for just one small monthly investment of just $500.

Please be aware, OrthoED Platinum Alumni is only available to Drs who have completed the full Mini Masters program.

Furthermore, spaces are strictly limited for logistical reasons. To secure your annual membership, sign up today before we sell out.