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Win a Scholarship For OrthoED’s World-Class Orthodontic Training

OrthoED Institute is now offering select scholarship opportunities for their highly acclaimed, fully accredited Orthodontic training, allowing you to deliver predictable, efficient, high quality and profitable Orthodontic treatments for your patients
Win a scholarship to one of OrthoED ‘s flagship training programs and learn the skills to deliver  profitable Orthodontic treatments, advance your career and stand out from the growing dental competition here in Australia.

Are you ready to advance your career with exciting and profitable new Orthodontic skills that deliver predictable high quality  outcomes for your patients? 

Then winning a scholarship to one of OrthEd’s highly acclaimed training courses could be one of the best steps forward you’ll ever take

That’s because you’ll enjoy hands-on training, case studies, a fun teaching style and ongoing mentoring, providing you with the skills and confidence to provide high quality and profitable Orthodontics in your practice and advance your professional career.


Your tutor is renowned educator Dr Geoff Hall, the “Myth Busting Orthodontist” and International Speaker.

Dr Hall brings 30 years of specialist experience with  completing over 10,000 cases. 

He has trained over 700 dentists in Australia, so he knows what it takes to deliver fun, engaging and easy to understand theory, principles, case studies and practical application of Orthodontics .

And for the first time, you have the opportunity to win a scholarship with one of OrthoED’s groundbreaking courses!

There are three scholarship opportunities available.

1. The Conventional MiniMasters Scholarship - 25 % Scholarship 

Developed and delivered by renowned tutor Dr Geoff Hall, our world class orthodontic education program offers you unrivalled Orthodontic training across 2 years of engaging modules. A total of nine sessions that range from 2 to 3 days, and held in Melbourne,Sydney and Brisbane 

On successful completion of the course, there is an additional stream available to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics.

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The second scholarship option is...

2. Intensive program Orthodontic Scholarship (Brisbane) - 25 % Scholarship 

As an alternative to the conventional Mini Masters 2 year course, we have an intensive program -where modules will be combined to provide sessios of  approximately 5 days each  of intense training .This will provide the opportunity to reduce travel time  and costs and be a very time efficient option for many. 

This course is perfect for acquiring a working knowledge of Orthodontics, allowing you to treat basic to intermediate cases with total confidence, the moment you return to your office following the first session .

  • Session 1 (module 1 and module 2 part 1) - Sunday 26 April to Thursday 30 April, 2020
  • Session 2 (module 2 part 2 and Module 3) - Saturday 25 th July to Wednesday 29 th July, 2020
  • Session 3 to 5 in 2021  in Brisbane (modules 4 to 8) dates to be advised 
  • Module 1: Diagnosis, treatment planning, risk management, and case presentation 
  • Module 2: Conventional and unconventional straight wire mechanics 
  • Module 3: Early orthodontic treatment, including facial growth and dental development 

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Key highlights of the OrthoED Mini Masters program :

  • Over 23 full days of education equating to over 152 hours of face to face training
  • Dr Hall provides sound principles, challenges myths and simplifies orthodontics, giving you total confidence to put what you’ve learnt into practice. In fact, over 70% of students are actively billing for ortho in their second year of the course
  • Enjoy hands on teaching and dedicated online support
  • Carry out treatments at any level, whether it’s simple, moderate or more challenging cases.  You’ll gain modern, practical skills to carry out treatment with precision, detail and efficiency
  • Advance your personal career and reinvigorate your daily practice
  • Elicit happy patients, gain referrals and increase your production
  • Opportunity to gain a postgraduate diploma that helps boost your credibility and build trust with patients
  • Extensive resources including practice management documentation, spreadsheets, how to videos, and reference articles
  • Optional staff training program
  • Bonus immersion program's
  • Optional limited attendance 3 day In-office course at Dr Hall’s practice in Cheltenham Victoria
  • First three cases with online support through the members only web-based portal
  • Valued membership program for ongoing case support and mentorship through the web-based portal
  • 6 x 90 minute webinars per year with a combination of orthodontic topics and other subject matter with renowned experts in practice management and other dental areas
  • Access to weekly question and answer sessions
  • Hands on training at face to face lectures
  • Renowned experts as guest lecturers
  • Access to computerised digital indirect bonding system
  • Access to discounted brackets including self ligation bracket systems
  • Ability to retake the live modules at a significantly reduced fee
  • As recorded modules become available – for all full course participants there will be free access to online modules
  • Optional training in your own practice for yourself and/or staf
  • Optional upgrade path to obtaining a Postgraduate diploma of Orthodontics
  • Hygienists or Therapists can attend individual modules
  • Ability to extend course over 3 or 4 years at no additional fee
  • 370 CPD points
The THIRD scholarship option is...

3. Smilefast Pro program  Full scholarship (100%)

Our Smilefast program has been going for 7 years and is an ideal course for any dentist wishing to introduce cosmetic orthodontics in their practice with sound orthodontic principles and performing it to a high standard with fast  results. We highly recommend the Smilefast Pro program as a great introductory course for those who have never done any orthodontic training, and in fact we have had many experienced practitioners attend who have raved about the extra knowledge they obtained.

Apply for your scholarship today and save thousands on your course fees!

Proven expertise. 

Your tutor, Dr Geoff Hall, is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading Orthodontic educators, having now trained over 700 dentists here in Australia. His principle based teaching is built on 28 years experience as an Orthodontist treating over 10,000 cases.

Predictable outcomes

For many, Orthodontics can appear complicated and out of reach. Dr Geoff Hall breaks down each module into simple, easy to absorb lessons that are frequently described as fun and engaging, with clear, predictable outcomes.

Professional advancement. 

Gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to revitalise your career, grow your practice and bring a new level of enjoyment to your profession.

Hurry, Scholarships are limited 

OrthoED training is in high demand and scholarships are limited. Act now to apply for your  scholarship, before the remaining places are taken.

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Our Orthodontic Program Can Revolutionize Your General Practice

We look forward to helping you become a qualified, sought after dental practitioner performing great orthodontics in your community.


Geoff and Robyn

About OrthoED.

The OrthoED Institute offers a framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge. 

The institute offers a complete combination of the skill sets and components needed to implement orthodontics into their practice with confidence, provide predictable quality outcomes for their patient and do so profitably with the added benefit of receiving full support from The OrthoED Institute team.

Completing the  Full Mini Masters Program and the Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics will be your best educational investment for 2020-2021.

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