Enjoy hands-on support from leading experts
with our live courses

We understand that many dentists are worried about an orthodontic case going wrong, then having to refer their patient to an orthodontic expert and coming under fire from local dental registration authorities.

With OrthoED, we provide you with the hands-on support so that you can confidently take on and complete cases successfully, and only refer the most difficult cases to an orthodontist.

By having someone you can turn to and trust when an issue or situation arises, you’ll never have to worry about getting backlash from the authorities.

"Geoff has always been available when I've had a question to ask, whether it be a new case or follow up on a case. Just have that sounding board, I think that's been the best thing."

William Pham

Graceville, QLD

“Geoff and Robyn are so helpful because if I need some advice on what I should do, they quickly get onto it and help me out. They have a messaging system and reply back pretty much straight away which is very, very handy.”

Abhinav Sharma

Gympie, QLD

Support includes:

  • Optional 1 on 1 diagnosis, treatment planning or just trouble shooting  sessions (1hr.) We don’t expect you to only learn through lectures or  vague PDF handouts. We’ll talk you through procedures, techniques and tools in person, so you know exactly what to do, every step of the way.
  • Case support from a specialist orthodontist. Enjoy an  assessment where Dr Hall will help you assess a case and whether it can be taken on successfully, along with ongoing recommendations and feedback to ensure the case is completed efficiently and successfully.All complimentary for the first year of the MiniMasters program 
  • Full admin support. We provide you with all the contracts, consent forms, quotations and other essential paperwork, saving time and hassle when introducing new treatments.
  • Staff admin training programs. Our onsite and offsite training programs help bring your team up to speed, making it easier than ever to implement orthodontics into your practice.
  • Full clinical training video library. Stay up to date and refresh your skills at your convenience with our world-class video training at your fingertips.
  • Real case support from real people. All cases are stored on our portal and ready to discuss with a real person, whenever you need a second opinion or hands-on support.
  • Support packages available when the course is done. At OrthoED, we have a commitment to lifelong learning and that means giving you the support options you need for years to come .

For support for aligner cases, please refer to our CAPS service where qualified orthodontists do the planning  and case optimisation for you, so your patients otain  better results and fewer refinements.