Periodontal Considerations During Orthodontic Treatment – Dr. Adam Rosenberg

Dr Adam Rosenberg, a well-known specialist periodontist in Malvern Victoria presents a webinar to our OrthoED family on the topic of Periodontal Considerations during orthodontic treatment.

This will be a superb presentation that provides all dental practitioners with a basic understanding of the interrelationship between periodontics and orthodontics and also to highlight the orthodontic/periodontic interface in clinical practice for optimized treatment outcomes.

Adam will cover many areas in this very informative presentation including

  • The surgical management of impacted teeth
  • The periodontal management of recession, and how to minimise issues orthodontically
  • The pros and cons of forced extrusion, and how to enhance the gingival attachment when required, and how to purely extrude a tooth without the gingivae.
  • The use of micro-implants ,Tads and even conventional implants in orthodontics
  • A detailed discussion on the physiological difference of altered passive eruption and active eruption, how to manage it and the difference clinically with regards to the indications and procedures for a gingivectomy and crown lengthening .

I can assure you that this presentation will provide you with many pearls and will make you look at your patients in a different light as you plan their orthodontic treatment.

I hope you enjoy the webinar and look forward to hearing your feedback and feel free to email me with any comments or questions

May we all continue to “Grow through Education“

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  1. Hi Geoff,
    would love to join this webinar tPeriodontal Considerations during orthodontic treatment tonight unfortunately I unable to attend. already attending monthly study group meeting.
    Any chance of recording so to listen at a later date ?