Introducing a brand new

Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics

from the OrthoED Institute

Gain a postgraduate diploma in orthodontics to give yourself a competitive advantage, win patient trust and have the confidence to apply your knowledge gained from the OrthoED Mini Masters 2 year course.

Benefits to you…

  • Gain credibility and win trust with patients.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to learning and excellence.
  • Fully absorb the principles and techniques through tests and ideal treatment planning cases
  • Get a competitive advantage in your local area.
  • Attract more clients and grow your practice.

Benefits to your patients…

  • They will enjoy total piece of mind knowing you’re most qualified.
  • They have a reason to choose you over less qualified dentists.
  • They see you as an expert who is committed to excellence.

If you enrol in the Mini Masters course, you’ll have 3 months to decide if you’d like to do the post graduate diploma.

If you’ve already enrolled in the Mini Masters course, the postgraduate diploma will help you take your knowledge and practical skills to the next level, while showing your patients that you’re committed to excellence.

What you need to do to obtain your Post Graduate Diploma - It's not difficult. Basically it is reinforced learning and will provide you with better comprehension.

What you need to do to obtain your Post Graduate Diploma :-

Online multiple choice assessment on completion of each module.

  • On completion of all modules, a final multiple choice assessment.
  • Planning 2 cases comprehensively and presenting them
  • An oral exam with Geoff over Zoom where you'll talk through diagnosis and treatment plans ,and answer questions on various topics for the final assessment.

Unlike other Orthodontic training, The OrthoED Institute has been accredited and approved as an EduQual training centre.

  • Additionally, The OrthoED Mini Master’s program has been approved to provide a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics (EduQual Level 7-) from the UK accrediting body.
  • Which means we can now offer you the chance to obtain a postgraduate diploma in Orthodontics, helping you to gain deeper knowledge, establish stronger credibility, win trust and attract more patients.

    (Please note - the Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics is available to all current attendees of the OrthoED full Mini Master’s program. It is NOT available to those who have only registered for individual modules or doing the online course .)
  • To partake in the extra stream to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics, there is an additional fee of $5000 plus GST which can be incorporated in your existing Mini Masters payment plan, which works out at $208 per month.

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About OrthoED

The OrthoED Institute offers a framework for dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge.

The institute offers a complete combination of the skill sets and components needed to implement orthodontics into their practice with confidence, provide predictable quality outcomes for their patient and do so profitably with the added benefit of receiving full support from The OrthoED Institute team.

Completing the Full Mini Masters Program or the Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics will be your best educational investment