Q & A with Dr Hall

Q1. What makes OrthoED different to other courses?

Q2. I have done other courses so what can you offer me that I already don’t know?

Q3. Is introducing orthodontics into my practice profitable?

Q4. What support do you offer?

Q5. Is this course only for dentists with orthodontics experience?

Q6. I have been told orthodontics should be done by a specialist. Why will I be able to do it?

Q7. Is support from a general dentist or orthodontist?

Q8. Will I have the same mentor supporting me for each case?

Q9. If I have no experience, will I be able to do clinical orthodontics after this program?

Q10. After which module will I be able to start doing cases?

Q11. What percentage of cases will I be able to treat?

Q12. How do I submit cases to you for support and indirect bonding?

Q13. Do I have to attend the full Mini Masters course?

Q14. Will there be practical hands on workshops?

Q15. Is there support for treatment planning?

Q16. What type of cases will I be able to treat after the course?

Q17. Do I have to use OrthoED brackets?

Q18. Do I need to purchase any instruments or kits?

Q19. I will need my team to assist with delivery of orthodontic treatment. How do I train my staff?

Q20. Will I be taught how to position brackets

Q21. In which cities do these courses take place?

Q22. Are these courses just for dentists?

Q23. Do you have any special offers at the moment?

Q24. Do you offer payment plans to make this affordable?

Q25. Do I have to complete all of the modules in two years?

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