Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today.

Dentists: Learn to be able to achieve this incredible challenge even if you have have no orthodontic experience.

There are no problems only solutions 

At one stage in my life I would have experienced every problem in orthodontics. Originally, I thought orthodontics could only be performed by a specialist orthodontist – hence my desire to do my speciality training in the USA, nearly 30 years ago. Even in practice I found that what I was taught did not always work properly and some cases went out-of-control, other cases were difficult to finish, some cases just took too long to be profitable. So I commenced a journey to solve all of these problems

Over the last 10 years, I have developed a system and learning approach which makes orthodontics easy to master, easy to implement and provide anyone with the skills to provide orthodontic treatment in their practice to a high standard, predictably, efficiently and profitably

Are you interested in discovering how orthodontics can be integrated into your general practice?

Do you want to learn sound orthodontics and treat your patients with the highest quality outcome, efficiently, predictably and profitably?

You do? Fantastic

Because you are now officially invited to the best orthodontic programme available for general dentists – the OrthoED Mini Masters led by a specialist orthodontist with over 10,000 treated cases.

This 2-year programme is crammed full of sound orthodontic education and no fluff, as we teach you sound principles and systems to master clinical excellence. We will provide you with full mentorship so you have the confidence in starting cases during the course.

The Full Mini Masters Course

The full mini masters course is a live two-year program run by a specialist orthodontist  with eight core modules and backed fully with full case support and mentorship.

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Our objective is to teach Dentists everything you need to know about orthodontics and how to deliver the best quality orthodontic care to patients, predictably, efficiently and profitably.
Regardless of your current position, you can learn everything you need to deliver orthodontics in your general practice and feel confident in treating each and every case.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The highest level of orthodontic education with a proven technique., You will also receive full course notes, resources for your practice, instructional videos and online modules as a refresher.
You will also receive case management and touring and support from specialist orthodontist and also have the option of attending and in office immersion program and obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics


You will have direct access to Dr Geoffrey Hall and his team. All questions and concerns will be answered and the opportunity for full interaction and interactive learning. There is no question that is either too simple or too difficult to be answered.

Post-Course Videos

Following  each module, all instructional videos will be provided to help you master technical skills of all the procedures taught in the program. Replay them as many times as you wish – provide these for your staff as well to improve their skill level

Detailed course notes

We provide a full course manual with every module you will receive the full presentation as a PDF. This is an excellent way to make notes at the live course and also as a resource to refresh your memory and improve your learning outcome.

Practice resources

Practice resources will be regularly provided to you. You are able to re-brand to fully integrate them into your practice image and we provide you with an abundance of material to help integrate orthodontics into your practice.

Secure online portal

We provide an easy to use secure web-based online portal for general case support and provision of a unique digital computerised indirect bonding service. Patient photos & questions can be loaded visit by visit, and replies all kept and stored chronologically. There is no purchase of software required.

Added extras

Apart from obtaining a recognised Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics, we offer a limited attendance in office immersion program where attendees can see patients being treated live, see excellent orthodontic systems in place and learn more hands on with digital photography and digital scanning. All secrets are shared with you. 

Who Benefits from Attending the Mini Masters program ?

Over the years we’ve found 3 types of dentists who benefit from this program:



The dentist who has been afraid of tackling orthodontics as they've been told by specialist orthodontists that orthodontics is outside the realm of a general dentist's capability.



This dentist may have started a few orthodontic cases but found it too difficult, had no one to turn to for support or may have even felt there were lots of gaps in their knowledge. This dentist may have self-confidence issues in continuing with orthodontic treatment in their practice



Those dentists who have studied other courses, may even have a total belief in a system and have started many cases – but found many of these cases did not track the way they expected and didn't have the knowledge, tools, and tricks to solve these issues efficiently

Do you recognise yourself in any of these ?

Well, whether you have never done an orthodontic case or you've been to other courses and have had issues during a patient’s treatment or just need more confidence by requiring more knowledge and proper mentorship this program is for you

What’s in the course

This 2-year program is crammed full of sound orthodontic education and no fluff, as we teach you sound principles and systems to master clinical excellence. We will provide you with full mentorship so you have the confidence in starting cases during the course. The 8 modules include:


Module 1: Diagnosis, treatment planning, risk management and case presentation

3 days - 19th-21st of March 2020 | 60hrs CPD | Hands on component | Guest Presenter

Location: Melbourne

The key to orthodontics is to diagnose & obtain a problem list, formulate ideal and compromised treatment plans and understand orthodontic risk analysis. Orthodontic risk analysis has never been taught previously, however it is the absolute essential take-home message to have problem free orthodontic patients.


Module 2: Conventional and Unconventional straight wire mechanics – Orthodontic biomechanics, straight wire philosophy and mechanics, and ideal case finishing

4 days | 70hrs CPD | Hands on component

Location: Part 1 - Melbourne - 26th-27th of June 2020

Location: Part 2 - Brisbane - 23rd-24th July 2020

Following a good diagnosis and treatment plan – one must then be able to perform orthodontic tooth movements and have a knowledge of brackets, bracket prescriptions, wires, auxiliaries, bio-mechanics and ultimately ideal  bracket placement and efficient mechanotherapy to achieve the ultimate final result.


Module 3: Early treatment, including facial growth and dental development

2.5 days - 10th -12th of September 2020 | 50hrs CPD | Hands on component

Location: Sydney

There are enormous orthodontic benefits that can be achieved with the growing patient, and decisions need to be made as to which child should have early intervention, and which child is better to have treatment performed at a later time, possibly when all the permanent teeth have erupted or growth has ceased.


Module 4: Aligner therapy

2 days - 19th-20th of November 2020 | 30hrs CPD | Guest Presenter

Location: Sydney

There is a total fallacy that a technician can provide a digital set up,  aligners fabricated and the teeth miraculously move to an ideal location without any issues. The correct plan requires extensive knowledge of aligner bio-mechanics, the correct staging of movements, the type, position and size of the attachment for various movements, the over-corrections required for different objectives and a realistic understanding of movements that can be achieved.


Module 5: Aesthetic and Accelerated Orthodontics, TMJ, and Sleep Apnoea

2.5 days | 40hrs CPD | Hand On Component

Location: Melbourne

Orthodontic eutopia would entail reducing orthodontic treatment times, can this be done with appliances or do we make adjustments at the molecular level. TMJ disorders and sleep disturbances are important aspects in the general practice and how do they relate to the occlusion and orthodontic alignment.


Module 6: Advanced Biomechanics, Management of Class 1 malocclusions non extraction and extraction, management of Class 2 malocclusions non extraction and extraction

2.5 days | 50hrs CPD | Hand On Component

Location: Sydney

It’s time to take your orthodontic mechanotherapy to the next level, and fully understand if and when extractions are required and how to deal with these from an anchorage point of view.  The full armamentarium of utilising different bracket prescriptions when required, and different arch wires and auxiliaries that will perfect finishing in all types of malocclusion’s-whether they be extraction or non-extraction cases, Class I or Class II.


Module 7: Management of severe skeletal and dental discrepancies

2.5 days | 30hrs CPD | Hand On Component | Guest Presenter

Location: Melbourne

Severe skeletal and dental malocclusion’s require further knowledge and a further skill set to manage them efficiently and predictably. Orthodontic surgery may also be required for some of these patients and it is essential to understand the pre-surgical planning, surgical planning and post-surgical detailing to provide the best facial, aesthetic and occlusal outcome.


Module 8: IDT and management of difficult orthodontic problems and malocclusions, Digital Smile Design (DSD)

2.5 days | 40hrs CPD | Guest Presenter

Location: Brisbane

Many patients now present with broken down dentition which may have resulted from periodontal issues, endodontic issues or previous poor restorative treatment, Orthodontics can resolve and improve many of these situations either on its own or in conjunction with more simple restorative / periodontal treatment. The use of the interdisciplinary team is essential in planning and providing treatment for the complex interdisciplinary patient.


1 day  – Practice Team Training Module

1 day program with Robyn Wood 

Location: Melbourne,Sydney and Brisbane 

In today’s practice, it’s not just the practitioner who drives the practice, but the key staff.  It’s important to empower the staff with knowledge and passion and take the efficiency of the practice to another level so that orthodontics can become a key part of your practice. This will provide a very happy environment, exceptionally happy patients and hopefully a far more profitable fun practice.


Proof That The System Works

Becky Chen

Principal Dentist at Ballarat Family Dental

John Pohl

Dentist at Hawksburn Village Dental

David Lee

Principal Dentist at My Hills Dentist

Monita Nayak

Dentist at Carnegie Dental Group

What To Do Next? Easy.

About the Primary Instructor,
Dr Geoffrey Hall

Dr Hall has an extreme passion for clinical orthodontics and orthodontic teaching, specialising in adult and children treatments including early treatment, conventional adolescent therapy, short-term orthodontics (Smilefast) and cosmetic treatment options including lingual braces, Invisalign and other aligner systems, and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthognathic surgical cases.

Dr Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education and all backed by 27 years and over 10,000 cases of orthodontic experience.

Dr Geoffrey Hall

The Full Mini Masters Course

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