Online Aligner Therapy (Module 4)

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Aligner Therapy

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Aligner Therapy

CPD 17 hours

  • History of aligner Therapy
  • Evaluation of different aligner systems
  • What can realistically be achieved with aligner movements and which cases should utilize fixed braces rather than aligners
  • The difference in biomechanics for aligners and braces
  • Problems with aligners and how to resolve them – tips, tricks and techniques
  • Orthodontic setups for class 2 and class 3 issues
  • Orthodontic setups for deep bites and open bites
  • Management of extraction cases with aligners
  • How to integrate aligner treatment into your practice efficiently and profitably

Following this course, the practitioner will understand the different aligner products in the market place and their individual advantages and disadvantages and identify realistic goals of aligner therapy, the eligible patients and the keys to success with this type of therapy with various different orthodontic problems including crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, class 2, class 3 and extraction cases. In addition, a full understanding of aligner therapy including its biomechanics, tips and tricks, and how to make aligner treatment profitable in their practice will be discussed.